The 30 Best Preschool Graduation Gifts That Are Sentimental, Fun & Sometimes Just Silly

Featuring keepsakes *and* fart blasters alike

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the best graduation gifts for preschools, including picture flashlights, graduation play dough and grad search-and-find books

You’re prepared for Sweet Sixteens and high school graduations and college move-in days—after all, Future You will be dealing with those things ages from now. And then you get a notice that pre-K prom is happening next week (yes, that’s a thing) and your four-year-old’s friends are all inviting you to their grad parties. Suddenly, it grips you: The pomp! The circumstance! The sudden urge to find the best preschool graduation gifts for your child and every Taylor, Tyler and Thailer in the class!

Ok, your budget has limits, but if you are looking for a special present to mark this milestone, I’ve been there—and I’m here to help. While vetting items for this year’s Happy Kid Awards, I reviewed dozens of best-sellers and upcoming products for kids, noting any that seemed special occasion-worthy. So, without further ado, here are the best preschool graduation gifts to toast the class of 2024 (and eventually, 2038).

The Best Preschool Graduation Gifts at a Glance


Best Wearable Keepsake

“Grow with Me” Graduation Shirt

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Best for Avoiding the Summer Slump

KiwiCo Subscription Boxes

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Best for Budding Photographers

Kodak Printomatic Digital Camera

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Best for Easing Last-Day Jitters

Graduation Autograph Bear

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Most Inspiring Kids’ Book

The Wonderful Things You Will Be by Emily Winfield Martin

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How I Chose the Best Preschool Graduation Gifts

I attend toy and gift fairs year-round and take meetings with publicists to learn about the best new toys, games and kids’ products hitting the market. I also routinely interview and poll parents across the country to learn what they’re recommending right now. With that market research as a baseline, I then look at product reviews, vetting items to find a mix of things that fit a range of price points, genuinely appealed to 4- and 5-year-olds and possessed either a keepsake-like quality or were just plain fun. (Because they’re headed to kindergarten, not boot camp, ya’know?)

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The Best Preschool Graduation Gifts of 2024

Best Wearable Keepsake

1. “Grow with Me” Graduation Shirt


Ready thy Kleenex, because a few years from now, this shirt’s going to yank at your heartstrings. You’ll see how the shirt they were once swimming in now fits, and how their handprint has grown over the years—and eventually, your kid will get a kick out of it too. (Sure, it starts with kindergarten, but that's where I invite you to go rogue and kick things off with their preschool print on the sleeve or front.)

Best for Avoiding the Summer Slump

2. KiwiCo Subscription Boxes


Summer vacation is on the horizon, which means you’ll both be looking for fun things to do. That’s where a KiwiCo subscription comes in handy—each month, a few set of crafts and activities is sent to your door, all age-appropriate and easy to follow. (It’s one of the few projects that holds my daughter’s attention from start to finish—and she actually plays with the toys and gadgets she’s made for months afterward.) You can buy a single box or up to a whole year’s worth, if you’re not ready to commit to a regular subscription.

Best for Budding Photographers

3. Kodak Printomatic Digital Camera


Let your kid document the day with their very own instant camera. In testing, I’ve found this one is intuitive enough for younger kids to easily use (thanks to the simple buttons and viewfinder), and it prints images with a sticky back, so they can easily scrapbook—or cover their door in memories from the day. And honestly, what kid doesn’t love stickers?

Best for Easing Last-Day Jitters

4. Graduation Autograph Bear


Even preschoolers can get a little anxious about the thought of leaving their friends and teachers behind for a whole new school. Let them bring this bear to graduation—or their last day, if it’s OK with the teacher—to have their pals sign their names on. (Or, if they’re still working on forming letters, doodling a little picture.)

Most Inspiring Kids’ Book

5. The Wonderful Things You Will Be by Emily Winfield Martin

Random House Books for Young Readers

You’ve already got three copies of Oh, The Places You’ll Go (it’s a classic!)—but what about this underrated gem? The illustrations are charming, and so is the story itself, which will assure your kid that they’re brimming with all the skills they need to be whoever they want to be. Bonus points if you get their teacher to write a note in it.

Because nothing is funnier to a preschooler than farts. (And this one actually blasts smoke rings that smell like toots…or bananas.)

Best for Developing Motor Skills

7. Skillmatics Snip, Snip! Scissor Skills Craft Kit


Let them practice their cutting skills on something other than their bangs. This kit features three craft projects designed to help kids learn to use scissors—something that will serve them well as they head into kindergarten.

Best Graduation Gift for the Whole Class

8. Graduation Sensory Dough Cups


Looking for something all your kid’s friends can enjoy? These handmade kits contain tubs of nontoxic play dough studded with graduation-themed rings and baubles. It’s a fun, Pinterest-y favor to hand out…without requiring you to stay up all night making your own DIY dough.

Runner Up: Best Classroom Graduation Gift

9. Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Pencil & Card Sets

oriental trading

If you know play dough—even the flour-based kind—will not fly in some friends’ homes, consider this gift instead: It features a card nodding to the classic Dr. Seuss book, Oh, the Places You’ll Go, along with a rainbow-colored pencil.

Best Magnetic Blocks Set

10. PicassoTiles 100-Piece Magnetic Tiles Set


They’re less pokey if you step on them than LEGOs, they’re a fraction of the price of Magna-Tiles—and your kid will still be entertained all afternoon (or OK, at least half an hour) building all sorts of castles and villages with ‘em.

Best for Post-Graduation Vacations

11. Hanna Andersson Bluey Rash Guard

hanna andersson

Surprise ‘em with a post-graduation trip to the splash pad (or beach) and ice cream. That’s a gift enough, but you’ll really set them over the moon with a swimsuit featuring the hottest show for the under-five set, Bluey. (Which happens to be made from recycled materials and blocks out 97 percent of UV rays.)

Best Customizable Book

12. Where Are You? Graduation Edition


This book is as fun to create as it is to flip through. Enter the grad’s name and design a protagonist who looks like them, then Wonderbly will turn it into a hide-and-seek book, all fitting a graduation theme, that’s delivered to your door. The illustrations are incredibly detailed and engaging; so much so that my daughter has spent over an hour (!) trying to find herself—and other surprising characters—throughout its pages.

Most Useful Grad Gift

13. Babiators Kids’ Sunglasses


Because their future’s so bright they’ve got to wear (UV-protected, BPA-free, durable-yet-bendy) shades.

Best for Aspiring Pet Owners

14. Fingerlings Sweet Tweets Interactive Bird


Remember Yak Baks? Imagine that, only charming. This colorful little bird can record and play back secret messages, as well as sing songs and chirp.

Best for Future Fashion Designers

15. Caden Lane Color Me Pajamas

Caden Lane

It’s a coloring book your kids can wear—and will be comfortable doing so, thanks to the thick, bamboo viscose-and-spandex blend fabric. You’ll want to stick a piece of cardboard inside the shirt so the colors don’t bleed through as your kid draws, and wait 24 hours before washing it, but the end result is a colorful keepsake they’ll be psyched to wear.

Best for the Night Before Graduation

16. Little Tikes Story Dream Machine Starter Set

little tikes

Create an extra special bedtime routine with this little projector, which tells classic little Golden Book stories like The Poky Little Puppy and Tawny Scrawny Lion. You can buy all kinds of story cartridges to mix things up, and it can be used in a read-along mode (providing projected images and sound effects) or as a white noise machine and nightlight at bedtime.

Best Accidentally Educational Toy

17. Educational Insights Alphabet BubbleBrix

educational insights

As stimulating as a fidget spinner or popper, these bricks promote literacy by encouraging kids to press a letter block, feel it pop and practice the sound it makes, then connect it to other letters to form words. Each 42-piece set comes with a storage bucket and activity guide to promote early reading.

Best for Teaching About Money

18. Custom Wooden Letter Piggy Bank


You can never start saving for college too soon. This wooden bank can be customized to include the grad’s name on the outside, so everyone knows whose pennies (and the occasional candy wrapper) belongs to.

Best Game for the Whole Family

19. Hurry Up Chicken Butt

exploding kittens

It’s like hot potato but extra goofy—essentially, you’ve got to shake a chicken to learn what silly activity you’ll need to perform (like tiptoeing around everyone or reciting your ABCs), then do it and pass the chick before the timer goes off. It’s a race of ridiculousness that will have everyone giggling in no time.

Best Gift to Create Together

20. Create Your Own Photo Flashlight


Snap some photos of them crossing the stage, then let them choose which pics to turn into viewfinder images for this projector flashlight. It’s way more fun than a standard photo album.

Best Book to Ease Kids into Kindergarten

21. Kindergarten, Here I Come by D.J. Steinberg


Parents swear by this book for helping ease kids’ fears about kindergarten, as it covers what they might expect from their first day—and how to prepare for it. (That said, some bemoan its lack of a real plot, but acknowledge that it handles things like learning to count or losing a first tooth well.)

Best Grad Party/Gift Combo

22. Little Tikes Slam n’ Curve Slide


You could spend hundreds on a party at one of those bounce house emporiums at the mall…or you could spend a little less and create one in your backyard. That doubles as a mini water park and deflates when not in use. Just sayin’.

Best Memento Holder

23. Unicorn Cloud Treasure Box

uncommon goods

Her most treasured jewelry may involve plastic pony beads, but that doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t need a special place to stow them. When the cloud-shaped box pops open, your grad can watch a tiny unicorn twirl to the tune of the Blue Danube Waltz.

Best Graduation Jewelry

 24. Preschool Graduation Nameplate Necklace


If that jewelry box could use an upgraded keepsake to stow inside, might I suggest this custom nameplate necklace? The box features a special “kindergarten, here I come!” message, but the jewelry itself—available in stainless steel or an 18-karat gold finish—can be worn well after they receive their pre-K diploma.

Best for Class Clowns

25. LOL 101: A Kid’s Guide to Writing Jokes by David Roth

Chronicle Books

They’ve entered their “knock, knock” era, so help them craft their own knee-slappers with the help of this book. It breaks down the art of coming up with jokes in a kid-friendly way. Some concepts may be a little hard for nearly 5-year-olds to grasp, but you two can workshop those ideas over time. (Because you know their antics aren’t slowing down.)

Best for Playing Games at the Grad Party

26. Kiddy Cat Playing Card Holders

Uncommon Goods

You’ll be looking to entertain family in town for the big graduation party, and there’s no easier way than by busting out a deck of cards to play Old Maid or Go Fish. Make things easier on little hands with these fun, cat-themed card holders.

Best for Sweet Tooths

27. Dylan’s Candy Bar Signature Tackle Box

dylan's candy bar

It’s the next-best thing to a golden ticket, promise. This tackle box features 12 kinds of gummy and chocolate candy from New York’s iconic Dylan’s Candy Bar. Good luck getting them to avoid eating it all in one sitting.

Best for Cat Fanatics

28. “I Graduated!” Kitten Shirt

the children's place

It’s got a kitten. And glitter. And is on theme. Yes, it’s gaudy, but you know she’ll love it. (And it can be a good compromise to wear under that scratchy cap and gown.)

Best Preschool Graduation Lei

29. Graduation Candy Lei with Squishmallow


As if a graduation lei loaded with candy wasn’t exciting enough, this one features a plush Squishmallow as well. Toy, treat and symbol of all they’ve achieved? Check, check and check.

Graduation is but a stepping stone to your future…You can create a great speech based on this gift, though I’ll be honest with you: Your grad is likely hearing Chattermax’s warbles as they think, PAINT! BLUEY!! CRAFT TIME, NOW!!!

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