These Baby Boomer Names Are Making a Comeback (And We’re Not Mad About It)

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We recently highlighted some boomer names that are at risk of going extinct (sorry, Sondra and Wilbert), but that’s not to say that we’re waving goodbye to the flower power generation for good. There are, in fact, some monikers from this particular cohort that are back in style and to be honest, we’re not against it.  

To determine which boomer names are making a comeback, we consulted the Social Security Administration's baby names database and The Bump’s popularity charts. We looked at boomer names (i.e., names given to babies born between 1946 and 1964) in the top 500 that subsequently fell out of fashion (defined as dropping below the top 1,000 names) but are now making their way back up the rankings. Here are 11 boomer names that are making a comeback. 

1. Dorothy

This girl’s name of Greek origin means “gift of God” and hit its peak in 1946 when it was the 23rd most popular name in the U.S. While it subsequently fell out of style (its lowest popularity was in 2009 when it fell to below 2,000, according to The Bump), it has recently been on the rise, coming in at number 483 in 2021. And we’re into it! With nicknames like Dot and Dolly, this moniker is a little classic, a little magical (hello, Wizard of Oz) and a lot charming.

2. Frederick

We’re not promising that your kid will be student council president, but with a name that means “peaceful ruler,” don’t be surprised if he has some leadership qualities. This boy’s name of German origin has excellent nickname potential (“Fred” or “Freddie”) and was pretty popular throughout the boomer years (it was in the top 100 from 1946 to 1957) before dipping in the ‘90s and early 2000s. The name has slowly been making its way back up the charts, however, coming in at 476 in 2021.

3. Mabel

This old-fashioned girls name with Latin origins means lovable, so you know, it’s a pretty perfect pick for your babe. It also happens to be the name of Princess Mabel of Orange-Nassau. While this was a popular baby name in the late 1940s, it fell all the way to number 4,906in 1997. But this vintage moniker made its way up to spot 769 in 2021, and we’re predicting a continued upward trajectory for this one in 2022 and beyond, in no small part to a certain Only Murders in the Building character.

4. Russell

This boy’s name of French origins means “little red” and was a favorite for decades, peaking at number 52 in 1956, before losing popularity in the ‘80s. The name has steadily been on the rise, however, and boasts some seriously cool vibes. Perhaps a certain actor and comedian has something to do with the name’s resurgence?

5. Rosemary

Food names are so sweet, no? But whereas Clementine and Poppy can feel a little saccharine, Rosemary is earthier and—dare we say—edgier. This girl’s name means “dew of the sea” and has a distinct vintage ring to it. Rosemary peaked in popularity in 1946 and then went out of style before bubbling back up in 2021 to number 368.

6 More Boomer Names That Are On the Rise

While these names never dipped below the top 1,000, they definitely dropped down in the popularity charts and have recently seen an increase of interest. Could they be the next Olivia or Liam? Only time will tell.  

1. Henry

  • Peak boomer popularity: 1948 (#45 rank)
  • Lowest popularity: 1994 (#145 rank)
  • Rank in 2021: #9

2. Margaret

  • Peak boomer popularity: 1948 (#13 rank)
  • Lowest popularity: 2011 (#186 rank)
  • Rank in 2021: #125

3. Dean

  • Peak boomer popularity: 1961 (#84 rank)
  • Lowest popularity: 2006 (#384 rank)
  • Rank in 2021: #165

4. Walter

  • Peak boomer popularity: 1946 (#30 rank)
  • Lowest popularity: 2008 (#393 rank)
  • Rank in 2021: #271

5. Louis

  • Peak boomer popularity: 1946 (#63 rank)
  • Lowest popularity: 2008 (#350 rank)
  • Rank in 2021: #251

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