14 Dog Names That Baby Boomers Just Really Can’t Get Enough Of

Whereas Millennials seem keen on giving their pets human names like Luna or Max, Baby Boomers are much more likely to look toward pop culture for dog name inspiration. For some that means harkening back to their youth and a particular comic strip pup skilled in aeronautics. For others it means popping on some vinyl and revisiting the hits that dominated the air waves in their early adulthood. No matter where they come from, these are the names the Boomer generation is totally obsessed with according to dog name trend reports and anecdotal evidence. And we have to admit, they’ve got great taste.

20 Dog Names That Millennials Love More Than Avocado Toast

A beagle lays on its back on a rug.
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1. Snoopy

Because, really, if you’re going to get a beagle what other name is there? Charles Schulz’ Charlie Brown comic debuted in 1950, and while it still resonates with all generations, it will always hold a special place in the hearts of Baby Boomers.

2. Maggie

We don’t know what it is about the name Maggie, but it sure is a hit with the 50-and-up crowd. Maybe it’s thanks to Rod Stewart (Maggie May was a banger, after all), maybe it’s thanks to Maggie Thatcher (unlikely, but you never know), but either way there are lots of good g

3. Dolly

To paraphrase one of our favorite Boomers Dolly Parton and the inspiration behind this popular name—we will always love you, Dolly Pawton.

4. Charlie

JFK and his brood owned a ton of pets during his time in the White House, including a Welsh terrier named Charlie, which might just explain your Jackie O. obsessed friend’s pup of the same name.

A collie dog stands in a green field.
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5. Lassie

Perhaps the most famous dog of all time, Lassie will always be by your side, through thick or thin. Especially if you’re hiding a few treats in your pocket.

6. Toto

While Toto may not have saved any kids who fell down a well, we’d argue he’s just as brave, and just as deserving of being the namesake for any adventurous pup.

7. Buddy

He’s your best friend, your beloved companion, your good ol’ pal, your Buddy. And yes, Boomers were in on this trend long before Air Bud came along.

A cocker spaniel dog stands in a yellow field.
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8. Major

Both President Biden and Franklin D. Roosevelt had German Shepherd’s named Major—incidentally, neither one was a particularly well behaved White House pet...

9. Benji

Who among us didn’t wish to step in and adopt the beloved Benji when Cindy and Paul’s father said no? Lucky for everyone, this loyal and adventurous pup eventually did find his forever home, and probably inspired the adoption of a lot of other mutts too.

10. Bear

Even better if your dog actually looks like a bear.

A black poodle lays in the grass in a backyard.
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11. Chewy

Han Solo may have let his furry BFF pilot the Millennium Falcon, but we don’t suggest you allow your own furry friend take the lead on anything other than his regular walk route.

12. Lady

The name Tramp never quite caught on in the same way Lady did, but luckily rescue dogs and mutts have become much more popular since the 1955 Disney hit debuted.

13. Cujo

Sure, the Stephen King pup had his issues, but your beloved Frenchie would never trap children in a hot car. The inspiration for this name may not be the most pleasant, but it sure will turn some heads.

14. Fido

Does it get any more classic than this?

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