This 100-Piece Magna-Tiles Set Is Rated Five Stars on Amazon (& Is Seriously Discounted Right Now)

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Picking the ultimate gift for your kid can be quite a challenge, especially if you're hoping to pull off a total surprise. Maybe they love Paw Patrol this week, but by next week, Doc McStuffins rules the day. And characters aside, do you go for something all-out fun (ahem, bumper cars?!) or do you opt for the interactive toy that's a bit more educational?

Making that choice is certainly a tough process. But thanks to Amazon Prime Day, we've already narrowed down the options to one STEM-approved toy that's guaranteed to be a hit with parents and kids: the Magna-Tiles 100-Piece Set.

It's now on sale for just $84 (the original price? $120). Intended for children ages three and up, the kit includes a set of 100 translucent, durable tiles that are magnetized to stick together, so you can build anything from animal mosaics to 3-D castles. With pieces in all different shapes, the toy cleverly combines creativity with math and science as kids bring their creations to life.

Not surprisingly, the Magna-Tiles set has a nearly perfect rating, with more than 3,500 five-star reviews. (After all, when we polled parents on Instagram earlier this year about the top toys their kids have loved during quarantine, these magnetic tiles were among the most popular!) On Amazon, one customer wrote, "My kid plays with these things a ton, and I can really see the gears working in her mind when she is engaged in one of her many building projects." Another said, "These beat Legos by far, because when you step on these in the middle of the night, your feet are fine!" Definitely a plus.

While a Lego set has its appeal (and can be cheaper overall), it certainly doesn't compare to the Magna-Tiles, which are better in quality, easier to pack away and, best of all, STEM-friendly. We'd say that it's definitely worth the investment. 

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