50 Swedish Baby Names That Are the Absolute Cutest

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Ah, the Swedes. First, they brought us IKEA. Then it was fika and the secret to sleeping better. Now they’re bringing us some of the sweetest and most adorable baby names we’ve ever heard. 

Bestow one of these 50 Swedish baby names to your darling son or daughter for instant grace, taste and style. (Just make sure to note the silent "J"s.)

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1. Astrid

A flower and a feminine name with Old Norse roots and a meaning of “divinely beautiful.” (No pressure, baby.)

2. Magnus

Like Norwegian chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen, this masculine name means “great.”

3. Bjorn

This cute-as-a-button Scandinavian boy’s name means baby carrier. Er, "bear."

4. Evelina

Evelina, the Swedish form of Evelyn, has a lovely meaning of “light” and “life.”

5. Olaf

A much-loved Disney snowman and the patron saint of Norway, Olaf is a boy’s name that means “descendant of the ancestors.”

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6. Stella

This pretty, vintage girl’s name meaning “star” is popular throughout Scandinavia, though its origins are Latin.

7. Malin

This sweet and elegant Swedish variant of the name Madeleine has a badass meaning of “little strong warrior.”

8. Felix

This too-cool-for-school boy’s name means “happy” and “lucky” (a pretty good combo if you ask us).

9. Greta

Here, the Swedish form of the name Margaret with the same meaning: “pearl.”

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10. Axel

Axel, one of the most popular boy names in Sweden, boasts a meaning of “Father of Peace.” (Bring on the Guns N’ Roses references at your own risk.) 

11. Eleanora

This pretty feminine name meaning “light” is also the Swedish rendition of the name Helen.

12. Lars

This strong masculine name means “hailing from the place of laurel.” In other words… Olympian!

13. Matilda

A lovable character from Roald Dahl’s namesake book and a downright adorable girl name meaning “brave in war.”

14. Oskar

A Scandinavian and German variant of the name Oscar with the same meaning of “deer lover” and “gentle friend.”

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15. Ingrid

This girl name of Old Norse origin has a vintage feel and a meaning of “beautiful and feminine.” Bless.

16. Elsa

Meaning: “Joyful” and “noble.” As for the Frozen reference? Embrace it, love it, let it go.

17. Ebba

A popular choice in Sweden, this feminine name of German origin has a meaning of “brave boar” that belies its super cute, diminutive sound.

18. Saga

This feminine name of Swedish origin means (you guessed it) “story” and “seeress.” We think it’s a fine choice for a future drama queen.

19. Signe

A variant of an Old Norse name, this gender neutral moniker means “new victory.”

Arvid Swedish Baby Names
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20. Arvid

A sturdy sounding, masculine name of Old Norse origin that’s well-suited to a nature lover—Arvid means “eagle tree.”

21. Ebbe

A masculine or gender neutral variant of Ebba with the same meaning of “brave boar.”

22. Nils

If you’re looking for a seriously cool one-syllable moniker, this traditional Scandinavian boy’s name meaning “people of victory” fits the bill.

23. Tilde

This shortened form of Matilda is also a stand-alone feminine name with a charming, diminutive vibe and the same(ish) fierce meaning of “mighty in battle.”

24. Ronja

Pronounced RON-ya, this feminine name meaning “lake” was invented by Swedish children’s book author Astrid Lindgren.

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25. Svea

This feminine name of Old High German and Nordic origin means “free” and “sea” respectively. It also translates to “little Swedish girl,” so it doesn’t get much more Scandinavian than this.

26. Isak

This popular Scandinavian boy’s name has Hebrew origins and a meaning of “he who laughs.” A fine choice for an actual bundle of joy.

27. Olle

If you like Olaf but aren’t so keen on the Frozen snowman connection, try Olle—a very cute shortened version of the name with a similar meaning of “ancestor’s relic.”

28. Stina

Scandinavians love this feminine moniker of Greek origin, which is a shortened form of Christina and has a religious meaning of “anointed” and “Christian.”

29. Emil

Another popular Scandinavian choice for boys, Emil has Latin roots and an auspicious meaning of “he who excels.”

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30. Elton

Perhaps the Swedes are big fans of The Rocket Man or maybe they just like the classic, dignified sound of this masculine English name meaning “from the old town”; either way, it’s a Scandinavian hit.

31. Ida

This feminine Germanic moniker has vintage vibes, a sturdy meaning of “labor” and “work,” and ties to the Old Norse goddess Iðunn.

32. Liv

In keeping with its sound, the feminine name Liv means “life” in Scandinavian languages. It’s also the given name of a certain rockstar’s daughter. (Liv Tyler, anyone?)

33. Vera

Famous fashion designer Vera Wang’s Slavic name has a considerable fanbase in Sweden. It means “faith.”

34. Elias

Sweden’s fourth most popular boy name in 2019 has Hebrew roots and a meaning of “the Lord is my God.”

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35. Elliot 

This variant of Elias is also popular in Sweden; it has the same Hebrew origins and religious meaning with a softer sound.

36. Otto

Beloved by the Swedish, Dutch and Hungarian, this masculine name of German origin means “wealth.”

37. Nova

Nova is both an astronomical term for a bright star and a fresh-sounding feminine name of Latin origin that means “new.”

38. Viggo

This tough guy masculine moniker has Old Norse roots, a meaning of “battle” and some celebrity clout, to boot, thanks to actor Viggo Mortensen.

39. Maja

This soft-sounding and oh-so pretty feminine name has Greek mythological ties and a Scandinavian meaning of “splendid.”

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40. Lovisa 

The female form of Ludwig and German version of Louisa—Lovisa is a Scandinavian name meaning “famous warrior.”

41. Elin

This feminine name of Greek origin meaning “bright, shining one” is used primarily in England, Whales and Scandinavian countries.

42. August

August, a lovely boy’s name with a classic feel, is the Scandinavian form of the Latin name Augustus, which means “great” and “majestic.”

43. Hugo

The Latin form of the Germanic name Hugh, this popular Swedish pick for boys has bookish vibes and a corresponding meaning of “mind” and “intellect.”

44. Vidar

This strong sounding masculine name has Old Norse roots, mythological ties and a meaning of “forest” and “warrior.”

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45. Josef

Here, the Scandinavian spelling of a traditional Hebrew name that means “Jehovah increases.”

46. Märta

This Scandinavian form of Martha—a name of Latin origin meaning “mistress of the house”—has a less dowdy and decidedly fresher feel.

47. Tuva

Tuva is 100 percent Scandinavian in origin, being a feminine moniker derived from the Old Norse name Thor. It has a soft and pleasant meaning of “beautiful.”

48. Leia

Leia has many origins (Latin, Hebrew, Hawaiian and Arabic) and just as many meanings. It’s also the preferred spelling of Leah in Sweden.

49. Albin

This masculine name meaning “white” and “bright” is popular throughout Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

50. Tyra

Famous supermodel Tyra Banks’s name has Scandinavian origins and a meaning of “God of battle.” File this one under fierce.

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