‘Yellowjackets’ Season 2 Left Us with These Unanswered Questions

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'Yellowjackets' cast.
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*Warning: major spoilers ahead.*

We don't know about you, but we succumbed to the Wilderness long ago. After Yellowjackets premiered in November 2021, we waited over a year for season two, and we've been excitedly tuning in each week since March, until the second season finally wrapped this past Sunday. And wow, that finale did not disappoint.

The season one closing left us with loads of questions, and while season two offered a few answers, it also tangled up the web even more. So, we give you our list of all the burning questions we have as we wait for season three of Yellowjackets (which, luckily, has already been confirmed by Showtime).

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1. Where Is Taissa’s Son?

Okay we get it, adult Taissa (Tawny Cypress)—you're exhausted from a political campaign, your marriage is falling apart and you’ve begun creepy sleepwalking again (which led to the beheading of your dog...yikes). But, while we can't blame you for running into the arms of your high school sweetheart, we just have one question: Where is your son?

Halfway through season two, present-day Taissa falls into utter exhaustion, because she's trying to keep herself awake to avoid sleepwalking and doing something she might regret. However, when she gets into a car crash and her wife, Simone (Rukiya Bernard), gets hospitalized, there is no answer as to who is taking care of the couple's son, Sammy (Aiden Stoxx). Instead, Taissa ends up wandering into the wilderness, where she turns to her former girlfriend, Van (Lauren Ambrose), for comfort. Let's hope she at least called the neighbors first and asked them to watch over Sammy while she was gone...

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2. Who Was in the Wilderness Before the Yellowjackets?

It seems pretty clear at this point that those girls aren't alone in the Canadian wilderness in the ’90s timeline of Yellowjackets. But while we're not sure *what* is haunting those snowy woods, it's clear that dark forces are lurking in the shadows (including “the man with no eyes,” who remains as mysterious as ever).

Still, while the discovery of the cabin in season one already points to people previously lodging in that area of the woods, season two hints more heavily at the Yellowjackets' predecessors. For instance, when Javi (Luciano Leroux) returns after weeks of going missing, Coach Ben (Steven Krueger) discovers where he's been hiding—a secret, underground campsite. However, this well-made woodsy nook didn't appear there by magic. So, who made it? If you consider the cabin, that underground space and even those creepy symbols etched into the trees, it's clear that someone was living in the wilderness before our cast of characters arrived—but what happened to these people and how does it all connect?

Walter in 'Yellowjackets.'
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3. What’s Walter’s Motive?

Walter (Elijah Wood) is one of the most compelling (and perplexing) characters introduced in season two, and we can't imagine a better match for Misty (Christina Ricci) than this dutiful citizen detective.

And while Walter seems to be on no one's side (except the side of justice), it's clear that he holds a soft spot for Misty. Case in point: At the end of season two, Walter totally shocks us when he frames a cop for murder, seemingly in an effort to protect Misty and her friends. However, while he seems to be a new companion to the Yellowjackets, we're still curious as to why he tracked Misty down in the first place. What does he know that he's not telling? We wouldn't be surprised if he ends up pulling a total 180 in season three (and we just hope we get more scenes of him and Misty).

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4. How Did Coach Ben Leave His Relationship?

Season two of Yellowjackets starts to focus more on one of the background characters from season one: Coach Ben. While the first season saw the coach lose his leg and get drugged by a smitten Misty, he mainly acts as a quiet, adult voice of reason when he and his team got stranded in the wilderness. But in the latest installment, we start to piece together more of Ben's past, specifically his relationship with his boyfriend, Paul (Francois Arnaud).

Throughout season two, Ben reminisces on his final days with Paul, which at first seem happy and hopeful, but eventually start to fall apart due to their hidden love (remember, this timeline takes place in the ’90s). However, as the coach begins to hallucinate due to his starvation, his memories blend with his stranded nightmares, and it's hard to tell what he's fabricated in his mind. What became of him and Paul? Is there still a relationship for him to repair? And most importantly, will he even survive to see Paul again? (Unfortunately, it's not looking good, especially after he betrays the girls in that explosive finale.)

Lottie in 'Yellowjackets.'
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5. Have We Seen the Last of Adult Lottie?

In season one, Yellowjackets mainly follows the lives of four of the characters: Shauna, Taissa, Natalie and Misty. But season two introduces the future versions of Van and Lottie, which widens the group of Yellowjackets hanging out as adults. (Sadly, now the group has been reduced by one person. R.I.P. Natalie). As season two comes to a close, Lottie—who was seeing visions of animal-headed demons and trying to sacrifice one of her friends as a result—gets shipped off to a psychiatric hospital.

However, this doesn't feel like the end for adult Lottie. Whether she's simply spiraling or actually being haunted by ghosts from that forest, Lottie is the key to the Yellowjackets' past. As we've seen, they treat her like a deity for goodness sake, if only as a method to survive. So, we have a feeling the adult Yellowjackets will find a reason to visit Lottie in that hospital, and it will result in more spooky discoveries.

Season 3 can't get here fast enough.

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