Who Has More Followers, King Charles or Kate Middleton? The Answer Took Us By Surprise

It depends where you look

Kate Middleton and King Charles
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They might be busy with IRL social engagements, but it’s no secret that the royal family has amassed a monumental following on social media. So of the most talked-about royals, we were curious who has more followers: King Charles or Kate Middleton? After some quick investigation (er, scrolling), we were surprised by the answer: It depends on where you look!

(FYI, senior members of the royal gang aren’t allowed to have personal accounts, but they still have official ones that allow fans around the world to keep up with their lives.)

First, we headed to Instagram. Kate Middleton’s Insta account (@princeandprincessofwales, which she shares with her husband, Prince William) has a whopping 15 million followers. Meanwhile, King Charles—who can be found at the handle @theroyalfamily—only boasts 13.3 million followers. (Only. Ha.)

But as we discovered, X—aka the website formerly known as Twitter—is a different story. There, the Duchess’s account (@KensingtonRoyal) has amassed 2.3 million followers. In comparison, King Charles (@RoyalFamily) has a steady following of 5.7 million users.

What’s with the difference? We’d chalk it up to the different demographics using each social media platform, as well as the content shared on each. It’s likely that the King’s feeds are more informational, fitting for X and accounting for the lower number of Instagram followers. (Of course, this is all speculation.)

Considering the Duke and Duchess have nearly 3 million likes alone on their recent Christmas card post, we’d say they’re winning the social media game. (Maybe someone ought to teach King Charles how to make a reel.)

Which Royal Has the Most Instagram Followers? You’d Be Surprised


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