The New Royal Family Portrait Is Wildly Deceptive (& It All Has to Do with Kate & Charles)

We thought Charles was taller than Catherine…

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Since we cover the royals regularly over here, we know quite a bit of trivia about the British royal family. Take their height differences, for example. We know that the late Queen Elizabeth was the smallest out of the bunch. And let’s not forget Prince William, the tallest of them all. 

Earlier this week on Instagram, the royal family released a new portrait featuring William, Princess Catherine, King Charles and Queen Camilla. And sure enough, we found ourselves doing a double take. 

King Charles Queen Camilla Kate Middleton Prince William Portrait CAT

Upon first glance, the Prince and Princess of Wales look wayyyyy taller than the king and queen. But that is, in fact, not true. In case you didn’t know, William is a whopping six feet and three inches. So, he is undoubtedly the tallest royal family member out of the bunch.

In the portrait, Princess Catherine appears to be mere inches shorter than her husband (and taller than the king). But that is far from the truth. Standing at five feet, nine inches, Princess Catherine has her heels to thank for the height boost. While Catherine is taller than her mother-in-law, Queen Camilla (who is five feet, eight inches), she isn’t taller than her father-in-law, King Charles, who stands at five feet, ten inches.

Now, this isn’t the first time we (and royal admirers alike) noticed this. Back in September 2022, the four royals posed for a photo together ahead of the reception for Heads of State and Official Overseas Guests at Buckingham Palace. While donning all-black ensembles, Princess Catherine appears to tower over the king and queen, despite the monarch being taller than the royal mom of three

Four Royals Portrait All Black CAT
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Princess Catherine’s high heels strike again. 

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