This Wild ‘White Lotus’ Season 3 Theory Means Tanya Could Get the Last Laugh After All

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We’d be hard pressed to find a streaming fan out there who hasn’t at least heard about the epic finale of The White Lotus season two and Jennifer Coolidge’s tragic final moments portraying the wacky and wild Tanya McQuoid.

Show creator Mike White stunned us all by sending Tanya to her death in the depths of the Sicilian waters after a show-stopping last scene where she kills those gays who are trying to murder her. Cue all the awards for Coolidge (61).

But, with The White Lotus season three on the way and no more Tanya McQuoid to provide us with meme-worthy moments, what are fans to expect?

Fortunately, we’ve stumbled upon a White Lotus season three theory that is just so good it has to be true. And most importantly, it would give Tanya the last laugh (and find a way to weave her storyline into future episodes).

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While season two’s finale wrapped up nearly all of the storylines, fans were left with one burning question: Did Tanya’s husband Greg (Jon Gries) get away with it? Did he end up receiving Tanya’s inheritance after secretly planning her murder with his cowboy lover, Quentin (Tom Hollander)? Remember, all the witnesses to the scheme seem to be dead (or they jumped off the boat) leaving it likely that Greg never gets his comeuppance. Unless…

It's already been revealed that a fan-favorite character from season one, Belinda (Natasha Rothwell), is coming back for season three. Viewers will remember that Tanya broke Belinda’s heart by going back on her word to fund a brand-new business, a wellness center. This moment, though one we should’ve seen coming, was devastating to watch. However, now that Belinda is back for season three, we could potentially see her get the happy ending she deserves (in a twist that also gives Tanya the last laugh over Greg).

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Here's where our theory comes in. What if Tanya carries through on her word after all and somehow leaves her inheritance to Belinda? This would be a genius move on the part of White. In season three, we could get closure on the ‘did-Greg-get-away-with-it’ storyline by having Belinda reveal that she got the money after Greg’s plot came to light. White could use Rothwell’s character to explain the after-effects of season two, including Greg getting busted.

Such a reveal could take one of several forms. Perhaps season three kicks off with Belinda talking about her newfound wealth (maybe she’s a guest herself at The White Lotus) courtesy of former acquaintance Tanya. Or, maybe in a more satisfying moment, the reveal won’t take place until the end of the season, after we’ve seen Belinda’s trials and tribulations working at this new White Lotus location. Further twist: This could even involve a surprise cameo from Portia (Haley Lu Richardson) who shows up to deliver the news of the inheritance—and of Greg getting his due legal punishment.

Regardless, we’ll be waiting not-so-patiently for the arrival of the latest season and scouring the internet for more wild theories involving the new (and returning) characters.

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