We Can't Stop Thinking About These 'Virgin River' Season 5 Theories

Virgin River season five will be here before we know it (on September 7, to be exact). And in honor of the upcoming premiere, we're analyzing every teaser and first-look photo for clues on what's to come for our favorite small-town community.

Season four's emotional finale was filled with shocking twists and cliffhangers, from Charmaine's surprise confession to Brie's brave decision to fight back against her ex, Don. But now that we've got a full-length trailer and an official synopsis from Netflix, we're expecting the drama to increase tenfold.

Per Netflix, fans will see "surprising new relationships, a shocking break-up, a difficult court trial, a heartbreaking goodbye and a wildfire that threatens the town." And something tells us that this is just the tip of the iceberg...

Keep reading for ten Virgin River season five theories we can't stop thinking about.

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1. Mike Is the Father of Charmaine's Twins

In the season four finale, Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) finally comes clean to Jack (Martin Henderson) and confesses that her twins are not his. So now, fans are wondering, who is the real father?

We're betting that it's Jack's old buddy and former Marine, Mike (Marco Grazzini), because the look on his face after Jack tells him about the pregnancy in season two is totally suspect. In episode five, after he hears the news, he seems genuinely shocked and laughs nervously before saying, “I didn’t know you were still seeing her.”

On top of that, he sounds a bit sad as he says this, suggesting that he and Charmaine have history. Although it sounds like a stretch, it's possible they had a secret fling that led to the breakup with his fiancé.

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2. Charmaine Will Still Manipulate Jack

Charmaine may have fessed up about the twins, but we're not expecting her to change overnight. Based on the toxic patterns we've already seen—like trying to sabotage Jack's relationship with Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) and claiming to be Jack's girlfriend—it's possible that she'll repeat the same behavior and try to guilt Jack into helping her raise her children, since she no longer has Todd.

With Jack being a chronic people pleaser, we suspect that he'll have trouble saying no to Charmaine (again). But now that he's engaged and about to start a family of his own, it's time he prioritizes Mel and sets his family and finally set new boundaries with Charmaine.

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3. Preacher and Paige Will Rekindle Their Romance

In one of the teaser photos for season five, Preacher (Colin Lawrence) is seen sitting across from Paige (Lexa Doig) while they're having a romantic, candle-lit dinner. And not only that, but the pair are also holding hands and making eye contact.

Did Preacher's reunion with Paige in the season four finale reignite the spark between them? And if they do rekindle their romance, what does it mean for the chef's new love interest, Julia?

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4. Vince May Still Be Alive

Yes, Preacher knocks him out with a log while Paige holds him at gunpoint. And yes, he collapsed (thankfully). But as relieved as we are, we didn't technically see him die. If Preacher and Paige simply left him there, it's possible that Vince (Steve Bacic) is still alive and posing a major threat.

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5. Mel Will Quit Her Job at the Clinic

If there's one thing we learned from the trailer, it's that Mel intends to focus her energy on becoming a mother and being there for her family. Understandably, Doc (Tim Matheson) isn't ready to lose her just yet.

In the video, he sadly tells her, "I don't want you to go." And in response, Mel says, "Doc, I know you want me, but you need him," referring to Dr. Cameron (Mark Ghanimé). Boy, did they come a long way since season one.

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6. And She May Have Pregnancy Complications

Speaking of Mel's pregnancy, it's likely that she'll run into a few complications because she's considered "high-risk."

In the trailer, she says, "It makes sense to prioritize my high-risk pregnancy and my family over my job." Our guess is that the wildfire majorly affects Mel and her access to medical care.

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7. Jack’s Glamping Business Will Suffer

You may recall that Jack starts a glamping business venture in order to support his new family, and he uses funds from the B&B owner, Nick (Keith MacKechnie). But his enthusiasm is about to be short-lived, because it turns out that Nick's sister is none other than drug kingpin Melissa (Barbara Pollard).

Given her dark past, including the time she blackmailed Brady, likely that Melissa is going to launder money through Jack’s new project. And since Jack is clueless about her criminal involvement, he has no idea what he's getting himself into.

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8. Hope May Experience Health Complications

While on her way back to Virgin River in season three, Hope (Annette O'Toole) suffers a brain injury after a car accident, leaving fans worried about her fate when she is rushed to the hospital. But fortunately, the former mayor survives and is able to recover at home.

Still, it's worth noting that Hope isn't 100 percent after the surgery, since she continues to struggle with her memory. (For instance, in season four, she asks to see Lilly, even though she died.) We're hoping that her side effects don't take a turn for the worse, but it's possible that she'll deal with a few complications due to the accident.

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9. Brie Will Finally Take Down Her Ex in Court

Brie's abusive ex, Don, pays her a surprise visit and asks her to sign a nondisclosure agreement in the finale. Understandably, she turns him down and says that she's pressing charges. And now, in the trailer, we see that Brie is being true to her word—and delivering rousing speeches while she's at it.

She says, "Real humans are the ones with the courage to do what's right, who walk toward the things most people would run away from."

She continues, "They're the people who push past their fears, who face the unknown and hold on to their faith, even when the deck is stacked against them." *Mic drop*

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10. Denny Lied About His True Identity 

Doc is thrown the ultimate curveball when Denny (Kai Bradbury) shows up on his doorstep and claims to be his long-lost grandson. Fortunately for Denny, Doc and Hope decide to welcome him as part of their family, but it's not long before his new community starts to grow suspicious.

If you need a refresher, the newcomer is caught stealing from the clinic and snapping photos of confidential files. But by the finale, he explains that he was diagnosed with Huntington's Disease and that he's trying to pay off his grandfather’s debt.

By season five, we expect the community to rally behind him and offer their support, but we wouldn't be surprised if he gets involved in more shady situations. The writers may use his backstory for a surprise twist that reveals his true identity.

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