Will ‘Virgin River’ Season 5 Finally Introduce Jack’s Ex-Wife, Mandy?

Virgin River season 4 left viewers with several questions. But if there’s one character who needs to make an appearance in the Netflix show’s fifth season, it’s Jack’s ex-wife Mandy.

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In Virgin River season 3, Jack (Martin Henderson) revealed that he was previously married to a woman named Mandy. They exchanged vows prior to Jack’s deployment as a Marine, and they divorced soon after.

While Mandy hasn’t made an on-screen appearance yet, that could change in Virgin River season 5. The new VR showrunner, Patrick Sean Smith, recently teased the upcoming installment during an interview with Glamour. He hinted that Mandy’s story line could be further explored in the new episodes.

“There are a lot of great Easter eggs and breadcrumbs that have been left, and we are clocking all of them thoughtfully,” he told the mag. “I would say, check out season 5 and see if Mandy makes an appearance.”

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Smith also teased what’s to come in Virgin River season 5, including the return of familiar cast members. “For me, as a storyteller, characters are never gone forever,” he said. “This show has proven that—like, if Wes dies, there could always be Vince waiting in the wings. People shouldn't write anybody off given what it seems like that story has accomplished, because you can always find another story to tell.”

He continued, “I want it to feel like we’re still in the world of our show, but starting new storylines with the folks that we already have. It feels like we’re embarking on a new adventure, and the finale and those cliffhangers gave us a lot of opportunity.”

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Now all we need is for Netflix to announce a premiere date for Virgin River season 5.

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