This Action Thriller Is the #4 Movie on Netflix—& We Can See Why Fans Are Obsessed

If you're craving a suspenseful movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat, then this mystery action thriller is right up your alley.

Allow us to introduce The Vanished, a gripping 2020 film that's received loads of attention and, not surprisingly, reached the number two spot on Netflix's top ten list before settling in at number four. (The movie has already surpassed popular titles like Homefront, Penguins of Madagascar and We Can Be Heroes.)

In the film, a family vacation goes horribly wrong when Paul (Thomas Jane) and Wendy Michaelson (Anne Heche) discover that their daughter, Taylor (K.K. Heim), has disappeared. When local authorities fail to take action, the parents are forced to step up and launch their own investigation. But along the way, tensions rise as they unearth some dark secrets about the lakeside campground.

The Vanished also stars Jason Patric as Sheriff Baker, Peter Facinelli as Deputy Rakes, Aleksei Archer as Miranda, Kristopher Wente as Eric, John D. Hickman as Tom and Alex Haydon as Justin.

Facinelli wrote and directed the film, while Andrew Mann, Sasha Yelaun, Jeff Elliott and Brandon Menchen served as producers.

Fans were so floored by the movie's twist ending that they voiced their opinions about it on Twitter. One fan said, "Oh my goodness, this movie was really good & the ending had my mouth open the entire last ten mins." Another wrote, "This movie The Vanished on Netflix is CRAZY...had me thinking I’m going crazy lmaooooooooo."

Here goes nothing...

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