This British Psychological Thriller on Hulu Looks Absolutely Riveting

Looking for a new murder mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat?

Allow us to present The Sister, a new British miniseries that's got countless fans buzzing on social media. Based on Neil Cross's book, Burial, the psychological thriller made its premiere on the British network ITV before heading to Hulu. And judging by this trailer, it will probably keep you up at night long after you binge all the episodes.


Like the book, the miniseries follows Nathan Redman, who's forced to confront his dark past when Bob, an old acquaintance, turns up at his doorstep with some devastating news. Meanwhile, Nathan's wife, Holly, hasn't the slightest idea of her husband's disturbing secret.

Russell Tovey stars as Nathan in The Sister, and other cast members include Bertie Carvel, Amrita Acharia, Nina Toussaint-White, Paul Bazely and Ewan Bailey. The script was written by Cross, the book's author, and directed by Niall MacCormick.

Fans who watched the chilling series revealed on Twitter that it exceeded their expectations. One fan said, "Watched The Sister on Hulu with @russelltovey last night. Thought I’d watch 1-2 episodes & watch the rest over the weekend, but I couldn’t stop. Binged the hell out of all 4 episodes. It was really good!" Another fan tweeted, "This is definitely my type of thriller. Lots of lies and deceit. #TheSister on Hulu."

Definitely sounds like required viewing for murder mystery lovers.

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