The Royals

Obsessed with the royal family? Us too. Here you’ll find the latest news on all things royal, from Harry and Meghan to the adorable Prince George. It’s basically the next-best thing to living in Buckingham Palace (curtsies and all).

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Love ‘the Crown'? Then The ‘royally Obsessed' Podcast Is For You

Love ‘The Crown'? Then the ‘Royally Obsessed' Podcast Is for You

Meghan Markle

She’s an accomplished humanitarian and actress with amazing style to boot. Meghan Markle is everyone’s new girl crush.

Kate Middleton

Once upon a time, a young Kate Middleton caught the eye of a handsome prince. The rest, as you know, is history.

Prince Harry

Our favorite royal redheaded jokester Prince Harry is (almost) all grown up.

Prince William

Prince William: Second in line to the throne, first in line to our heart.

Prince George

From his chubby cheeks to that adorably furrowed brow, we just can’t get enough of Prince George, the O.G. royal offspring.

Princess Charlotte

No one steals the show quite like Princess Charlotte

Queen Elizabeth Ii & Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip, the literal matriarch and patriarch of the royal family (and Great Britain, NBD). 

The British Royal Family

Can’t get enough? Here’s even more on Britain’s first family.