‘The Matrix Resurrections’ Isn’t Perfect, But It Gets This One Thing *Very* Right

*Warning: Minor Spoilers Ahead*

Warner Bros. is luring fans right back into the Matrix with a shiny red pill, and it's got everyone feeling a sense of déjà vu.

More than two decades ago, millions of viewers got to see Neo (Keanu Reeves) go from a curious hacker to a famed hero, effortlessly fighting off hordes of enemies in a black trench coat. But now, in the franchise's latest installment, The Matrix Resurrections, it seems that history is repeating itself. Several years after the events of The Matrix Revolutions, our beloved Neo is now resurrected and has gone full blue pill, living not-so-comfortably inside the Matrix as a successful game designer—but he knows deep down that something is off. Meanwhile, a new version of Morpheus (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) teams up with a blue-haired captain named Bugs (Jessica Henwick) to help free Neo's mind (again) in this new iteration of the Matrix. But before you sigh and label this movie a carbon copy of the original, it's worth noting that it gets one thing very right: Neo actually isn't the main focus this time around. For once, the franchise has turned its attention to Neo's love interest, Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss).

Like Neo, Trinity (who goes by Tiffany in this iteration) has also been resurrected and placed back into the Matrix as a suburban mom, with most of her past memories suppressed by the machines. And quite frankly, it's a bit jarring to not see Trinity kicking butt while decked out in a skin-tight romper suit. But when she finally speaks to Neo, it's hinted that there is hope for her yet. When Neo finally returns to the real world, a bittersweet reunion ensues, but he makes it clear that his number one priority is to get Trinity back. No matter what it takes.

So this time, the tables are turned, and as Neo so eloquently puts it in the film, it's his time to step up and "believe in Trinity" as she did for him all those years ago. But she's not just a helpless damsel in distress. Even as she navigates this fake world as a wife, a mother and an accomplished motorcycle expert, she proves that she's more than just a loyal servant and long-suffering love interest. She's a fearless fighter who could probably give Natasha Romanoff a run for her money, and with her level of ambition and resilience, she has the chance to build an even greater legacy. Especially now that she's got her special bond with Neo, which practically puts her on equal footing with "The One."


Perhaps it's a leap, but this could very well be a setup for a fifth installment, where the audience sees Trinity take on the mantle as "The One." Heck, even the film hints at this with a clever joke about the sequel, when Neo's coworker announces that everyone should focus on the keywords "originality" and "fresh" while working on their new game, The Matrix 4. The character also adds, "And who knows how many more?"

The Matrix Resurrections certainly doesn't pack the same punch as the first movie, since it's a bit slower-paced and much of the action is saved for the end.But perhaps the film's biggest flaw is the fact that while the entirety of the film is focused on trying to free Trinity, Moss doesn't get nearly enough screentime. Seeing even more of her journey and her growth would've definitely made the film more worthwhile. But fans will be delighted to know that this movie is littered with clever references to the past movies (yes, expect to see at least one white rabbit tattoo). It even includes bits of footage from the most pivotal moments as Neo experiences his flashbacks, like when he fought Smith and his clones and when the original Morpheus presented him with the blue and red pills. It all comes off like a messy, distorted collage of the past three films, but not in a way that feels too overwhelming. It's more like a fun walk down memory lane—a condensed recap for anyone who didn't have six hours to brush up on the events of parts one through three. And it certainly works.

Another strength is that this film isn't afraid to poke fun at itself, incorporating plenty of witty one-liners that are sure to elicit some chuckles. For example, Neo's boss pulls him aside and tells him, "I'm sure you can understand why our beloved company Warner Brothers has decided to make a sequel to the trilogy. They've informed me they're gonna do it with or without us."

Is it Oscar-worthy? Probably not. But if you're a die-hard Matrix fan who's prepared to explore how far this rabbit hole really goes, then you don't want to miss this one.

Purewow Rating: 3.5 Out Of 5 Stars

Although it'a not as great as the first film, The Matrix Resurrections will definitely satisfy fans of the franchise. It presents yet another opportunity to expand on the series by focusing on a character that's just as, if not more, fascinating as Neo's character.

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