I Binged All 8 Episodes of This Murder Mystery Show in 24 Hours—and That’s So Unlike Me

As PureWow’s VP of News and Entertainment, I have the good fortune of being exposed to a lot of streaming content news—whether the inside scoop on Netflix’s newest #1 show or behind-the-scenes deets on Hulu’s latest true-crime series.

And it also means I get to enjoy a ton of new shows and movies and call it “work.” (And full disclosure, sometimes it is work. With so many options on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Paramount+, AppleTV+, Prime Video, Peacock and more, they really can’t all be winners.)

But now, my friends, I’ve come across a show that I really cannot recommend enough—and it was totally by accident.

On last week’s episode of Stream On, PureWow’s brand-new entertainment podcast for movie reviews, TV news, streaming hits and streaming misses, my co-host Rachel Gulmi challenged me to watch the first episode of AppleTV+’s murder mystery series, The Afterparty. I accepted her challenge, without realizing just how much I would enjoy it—or that I would binge all eight episodes of the series in only 24 hours. And believe me, that’s something I never ever do.

The series stars Tiffany Haddish as Detective Danner, who arrives on the scene of a murder at a high school reunion afterparty. So why exactly is it a must-watch? Listen to the latest episode of Stream On here or below. You can skip to the 10:00 timestamp if you want to dive right into my thoughts on the series.

But if you’re interested in more than just my review of this highly bingeable murder mystery (that truly satisfied my inner child, who was obsessed with Murder, She Wrote and Scooby Doo equally from a young age), check out the full episode—and subscribe.

We answer all your streaming questions, including: What should I watch this weekend? And is Bridgerton season two any good? Plus, we dive into Game of Thrones prequel news, the latest on Severance (here are some fun theories for your reading pleasure) and the problem with how we talk about that Will Smith Oscars slap.

Just remember: Keep calm and Stream On!

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