Exciting New PureWow Podcast Dissects Renée Zellweger’s Terrifying TV Role, Ben Affleck’s Terrible Hulu Movie & More

Back in the old days (meaning less than 20 years ago), we used to have the struggle of scrolling through dozens of channels to try to find something good to watch. Now, that issue has been replaced with streaming services, which at first seemed like a solution to the problem...until the growing number of options made the process feel even more impossible.

Luckily, that endless scrolling is now a problem of the past, thanks to the brand-new podcast, Stream On. Hosted by PureWow's very own VP of News & Entertainment, Phil Mutz, and our Managing Editor for Branded Content, Rachel Gulmi, this new weekly podcast offers all the best previews, reviews, hot takes and debates about all things movies, television and more (as long as it's streaming, then it's fair game).

In the debut episode of the series, the co-hosts talk about everything from their love of The Office to their predictions for the Oscars, as well as their takes on new releases, like the Daisy Edgar-Jones and Sebastian Stan-starring Hulu movie Fresh, as well as Renée Zellweger's crime series, The Thing About Pam.

But as we learned from the trailer for Stream On, this podcast will not only provide takes on certified classics, as well as new releases—but it will also provide recommendations on what's worth bingeing (and what's certainly not). As Mutz says, “[Stream On] is a quick guide to what you should be spending your time watching.” And Gulmi adds, “Have us do the bingeing so you don't have to.”

If you're wondering whether the second season of Bridgerton is just as good as the first, whether new shows like The Dropout are worth all the hype or anything else related to streaming, this new podcast is your perfect place to turn.

Goodbye, scrolling! We will definitely be tuning in.

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