The # 1 Show on Netflix Is Epic, Sweeping and Totally on the Nose for Easter

The show is holding strong in the top spot

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Testament The Story of Moses Netflix CAT

If you spent Easter Sunday indoors browsing the Netflix show section (no shame), then you probably noticed a new series sitting at the number one spot on the most-watched shows list.  

Introducing Testament: The Story of Moses, the new Netflix limited docu-drama that chronicles the story of Moses, the prince-turned-prophet as he leads the Israelites to freedom and parts the Red Sea to let them escape from the Egyptians. The three episodes follow him from his early years to when he receives the Ten Commandments.

Being that Easter is a religious holiday for many, Netflix’s Testament: The Story of Moses seems only fitting to watch on the widely celebrated holiday. 

In an interview with Netflix’s Tudum, the show’s producers—Emre Sahin and Kelly McPherson—shared why they wanted to retell the story of Moses in this brand-new series. “Anyone who has seen The Ten Commandments as a child was well aware of the more epic elements of the tale,” they said. “The burning bush, the plagues, Passover, the Red Sea, and, of course, the Ten Commandments. What really drew us in was the mystery of Moses’ inner life, his struggles with his own identity, his self-doubt, his humanness.”

Moses Parting the Red Sea CAT

Similar to historical documentaries like Queen Cleopatra and Alexander: The Making of a God, Testament: The Story of Moses (narrated by Game of Thrones alum Charles Dance) chronicles the gripping story through in-depth interviews with academic scholars, who delve into why Moses’s story has such great significance in the present day.

Testament: The Story of Moses stars Dominique Jade Tipper as Zipporah, Mehmet Kurtulus as Pharaoh, Ishai Golan as Aaron, Reymonde Amsellem as Miriam, Tülay Günal as Bithiah, Melis Ulaş as Jochebed, Oberon K.A. Adjepong as Jethro, Emre Alp Törün as Dathan and Cem Emüler as Haman.

Moses Netflix Series CAT

All three episodes of Testament: The Story of Moses are streaming right now on Netflix.

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