10 Summer TV Shows Everyone Will Be Talking About This Year

It’s that time of year again—and we’re not just talking about outdoor barbeques and beachy getaways.

Thanks to streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu and Prime Video, we can expect to see plenty of summer TV shows in the coming months, from new episodes of Mindy Kaling’s Never Have I Ever to the highly-anticipated superhero series, Ms. Marvel. There’s a wide variety of genres, ranging from swoon-worthy teen romances to intense crime dramas. So, when you’re ready to escape the heat and enjoy an air-conditioned marathon, consider binge-watching one of these summer TV shows.


1. Cruel Summer (June 5 on Freeform) 

The first season of this twisty teen thriller revolves around two girls in a small Texas town: Kate, the beloved popular girl who mysteriously disappears, and Jeanette, the average girl who proceeds to take Kate’s place. But in season two, per the official logline, the anthology series focuses on the “rise and fall of an intense teenage friendship” in the early 2000s. The cast includes Sadie Stanley, Griffin Gluck, KaDee Strickland, Lisa Yamada and Sean Blakemore.

2. Never Have I Ever (June 8 on Netflix) 

After that major season three cliffhanger, fans are understandably eager to find out what happens next with Devi and Ben. This time around, Devi is beginning her senior year of high school, and despite her recent hookup, Devi’s love triangle with Paxton and Ben isn’t over just yet. Lang Fisher, the show's co-creator, told Entertainment Weekly, "The love triangle's not done. In season four, it continues onward. But I think the part that is done is seeing him as this unattainable dream of a hunk. He is no longer that, and they can be more like peers going forward.”

3. Outlander (June 16 on Starz) 

The seventh season of the hit series is adapted from Diana Gabaldon's An Echo in the Bone, the seventh book in her novel series. And according to Starz’s official description, “Season seven picks up from the harrowing events of the end of season six, with Jamie and Young Ian racing to rescue Claire before she’s tried and wrongfully convicted for the murder of Malva Christie.”

4. The Bear (June 22 on FX and Hulu) 

Season one of the FX drama ends with Chef Carmy Berzatto discovering a note and some cash left behind by his late brother, so something tells us that season two will follow the chef’s efforts to revamp the restaurant with his crew. Showrunner Christopher Storer told Esquire, "In terms of the restaurant changing, it’s not that they’re going to lose all the charm of the restaurant. We’re going to deal with this in season two. It’s more like: How can we do this and maybe make some money? And maybe make it easier?”

5. And Just Like That (June 22 on Max) 

Details regarding the plot for season two are unknown, but if season one is any indication, fans can expect the drama to multiply tenfold as Carrie and her BFFs continue to navigate love and their careers. While chatting with PureWow, Sarita Choudhury (who plays Seema) revealed that fans will get a more intimate look at her character. She said, "Even though Seema came out strong in season one, I think in season two, you see more fun but also more nuance. You see a bit more inside her, the background and what's going on."

6. The Bachelorette (June 26 on ABC) 

After finishing in fourth place on the 27th season of The Bachelor, which featured Zach Shallcross, Georgia native Charity Lawson is now getting her time in the spotlight. The 27-year-old therapist is preparing to date a group of 29 suitors, ranging from WWE wrestler Caleb Balgaard to Guinness World Record holder Chris Spell.

7. Jack Ryan (June 30 on Prime Video) 

Jack Ryan embarks on yet another mission in this fourth and final season. And according to showrunner Vaun Wilmott, fans will see the agent take on a different role, one that "explores another aspect of Jack Ryan." He told Digital Spy, "Season four is another exciting ride—very international, different characters, new villains, and it allows us to play with Jack, Greer, Mike and everybody in it, in new exciting ways." Sounds like quite the thrill ride.

8. The Summer I Turned Pretty (July 14 on Prime Video) 

Isabel (AKA Belly) is caught up in a love triangle with two brothers—Conrad and Jeremiah—in this coming-of-age gem. And in season two, we imagine that Belly’s romantic life will get even more complicated. The series also explores female friendships and the lasting bond between moms and their kids.

9. The Witcher (July 27 on Netflix) 

Henry Cavill is set to return for one last time as Geralt of Rivia, and course, there is no shortage of intense action sequences. The synopsis reads: “As monarchs, mages, and beasts of the Continent compete to capture her, Geraly takes Ciri of Cintra into hiding, determined to protect his newly-reunited family against those who threaten to destroy it.” (FYI, the first five episodes of season three will premiere on June 29 and the final three episodes will be available on July 27.)

10. Only Murders in the Building (August 8 on Hulu) 

Not only did the show earn a perfect score on the Tomatometer, but also, PureWow Assistant Editor Joel Calfee described it as a refreshing series that's "full of laughs” and “offers plenty of mystery." So, it comes as no surprise that this gem is making a comeback. According to Hulu, season three picks up where the second season left off. Our favorite trio have unmasked Bunny’s killer in season two, but then a new death occurs, which means the team already has their work cut out for them. (Oh, and did we mention that the incredible Meryl Streep is joining the fun?)

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