4 Unanswered Questions from the ‘Succession’ Season 4 Finale

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

ICYMI: Succession aired its final episode on Sunday, May 28. The finale centered around the three main Roy siblings (no offense, Connor)—Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Roman (Kieran Culkin) and Siobhan (Sarah Snook), or “Shiv”—as they dealt with the aftermath of their father’s death. While the writers finally revealed the fate of Waystar Royco, they also left a few open story lines that didn’t go unnoticed.

Keep scrolling for unanswered questions from Succession season four.

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1. What’s Next for Tom & Shiv?

Some fans believe that reconciliation isn’t possible, given the events in the season four finale. You know, when Tom reveals that he’s taking over Waystar Royco because of the GoJo acquisition. Still, there’s a key scene in the beginning of the finale when Shiv calls Tom from the airplane.

She says, “My question is: Are you interested in a real relationship?” Although Tom “doesn’t know” at the time, the scene offers a glimmer of hope for fans who ship Shiv and Tom.

Throughout the entire show, Shiv had the upper hand in their relationship because 1) Tom cared more than she did and 2) she’s a Roy. For the first time, the tables have turned on Shiv, and it’s up to Tom to decide what’s next. One of the final scenes shows the couple riding in the backseat of a car. Although the tension is palpable, Tom places his hand on the center divider, and Shiv grabs his hand. Perhaps reconciliation is possible after all.

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2. Will Mencken Be the Next President?

If you recall, Kendall and Roman declared Jeryd Mencken (Justin Kirk) the President-Elect in an attempt to derail Shiv’s GoJo deal. (FYI, it didn’t work.) But will Mencken win the election?

The biggest question mark is the Wisconsin situation. (Because if he doesn’t have Wisconsin, he could lose the election.) Although ATN declared Mencken the winner of Wisconsin, there’s controversy surrounding the announcement because votes were lost during a fire at a voting center. Some people—like Shiv—are demanding a revote, which could have negative impacts on Mencken’s campaign. Will his supporters prevent a recount? Or will there be an overturn?

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3. Who Did Logan *Really* Want as CEO?

This debate is different for everyone. And since Logan (Brian Cox) passes away in season four (RIP), we’ll never know the real answer. It’s clear the title was promised to every sibling at one point or another. It all comes down to the timeline. Should the empire go to the person who was promised first (Kendall, at age 7)? Or the person who was promised last (Roman)?

Kendall’s argument is firm: He was born and bred for this position. But one could argue that Roman is the top choice because Logan admired his leadership skills (not Kendall’s) when it was time to hand over the company. Both make some excellent—and some not-so-excellent—points. The question is: What did Logan want?

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4. Will Kendall Forgive His Family?

Kendall is one angry fella, and now that he’s lost the one thing that he worked his entire life for, he has no one. He loses the acquisition vote thanks to Shiv, who is the dealbreaker on a six-six tie. And after an altercation between Roman and Kendall in a conference room, she storms out leaving Kendall to face the consequences.

The finale concludes with Kendall sitting on a bench and looking somber (per usual). But what’s next for the pivotal character? He could make amends with Shiv and somehow weasel his way back into the company, even if it means working for Tom. Or he could seek revenge on his family by enlisting a mole—like Greg (Nicholas Braun)—to destroy from within. Or he could put his family behind him and move on. But if we’ve learned anything about Kendall, the latter is wishful thinking.

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