2 ‘Stranger Things’ Fan Theories Suggest Max Could Play a *Major* Role in Season 5

*Warning: Major spoilers ahead*

After Max (played by Sadie Sink) escaped Vecna’s clutches with the power of Kate Bush’s song “Running Up That Hill” in the first half of Stranger Things 4, it seemed like she was in the clear. Unfortunately, she became Vecna’s last victim in the final episode. Though Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) brought her back to life, Max is currently in a coma.

Since then, fans have begun to speculate what role Max will play in the fifth and final season. For instance, Reddit user Beastboi27 thinks she can take down Vecna once and for all. When Eleven brings her back to life—by making her heart beat again—perhaps this gives Max the ability to form a personal connection to Vecna and use that bond to defeat him in season five.

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The user wrote, “Vecna consuming Max will ultimately be his downfall. Whatever 11 did with Max...I think it gave Max some leverage to roam around inside Vecna's memories, and she may encounter the other victims and free them. They [could] form a group and devise a plan to destroy Vecna from within, and then she will be able to wake up from her coma.”

While some fans believe Max could emerge as the hero next season, quite a few think she could ultimately become the villain. KevinR1990 speculates that Max could become Vecna’s new vessel. When Max enters a coma, Eleven re-enters her mind and it’s completely empty. With that said, the user argues that Max could be possessed by Vecna and could be used as a puppet—much like Billy—and become the new villain the Hawkins crew must face in season five. (Wow..that’s dark.)

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Honestly, the idea of Max becoming the villain is quite terrifying.

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