Adam Sandler Shows Off His Serious Side in New Netflix Movie ‘Spaceman’

The film is based on a book

spaceman trailer netflix adam sandler
Courtesy of Netflix

Adam Sandler is taking a break from comedy for his latest role in Netflix’s Spaceman

Today, the streaming service released the first official teaser for Spaceman, which is based on the novel Spaceman of Bohemia by Jaroslav Kalfař.

The story follows an astronaut named Jakub (Sandler), who embarks on a solo research mission. Six months into the trip, he realizes that his wife (Carrie Mulligan) might not be waiting for him when he returns. 

Luckily, he finds an unlikely friendship in a mysterious creature (voiced by Paul Dano) that’s hiding as a stowaway on his spaceship. Together, they try to fix his marriage from afar by determining what went wrong. 

In addition to Sandler, Mulligan and Dano, Spaceman also stars Kunal Nayyar (The Big Bang Theory) and Isabella Rossellini (Death Becomes Her, Julia).

spaceman trailer netflix adam sandler
Courtesy of Netflix

In an interview with Netflix, director Johan Renck revealed that Sandler’s character is the crux of the film because he’s by himself in the majority of the scenes. However, the filmmaker warned that it’s a far stretch from the 57-year-old actor’s typical roles. 

“I really wanted to have a performance from him that had nothing to do with the Adam Sandler we all know,” Renck said. “I don’t think people understand how [although] he may come across as funny and sweet and all that, he’s very intelligent, really smart, profound.” 

Spaceman will hit Netflix on March 1, 2024, so be sure to mark your calendars. 

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