Another Famous Face Just Joined the Cast of 'And Just Like That' Season 2

Ever since HBO Max confirmed that a second season of And Just Like That... was on the way, fans have not been able to get enough of every crumb dropped their way. From dramatic kisses in the middle of the street to all the fashion, the obsession is high, with good reason. Though production on season two began last October, there’s still no official launch date. But the details keep getting better. Ahead of the much-anticipated event comes the news that Oscar winner and eight-time Grammy winner Sam Smith will be joining the cast. 

Yesterday, the “Unholy” singer cross-posted a photo of themselves peeking from behind a trailer door, throwing a peace sign. “Up to something unholy on set,” they wrote. Though HBO Max has confirmed that Smith is officially involved in season two, their exact role is still under wraps. Perhaps Smith will play Anthony’s love interest since his former partner, Stanford Blatch, dumped him and moved to Japan. Or will they end up in queer podcaster Che Diaz’s circle of friends? Season one saw Che and their kind-of girlfriend Miranda jetting off to L.A., where Che was working on a T.V. pilot. Now, Miranda is gallivanting the Big Apple...alone.  

Smith’s involvement comes on the heels of John Corbett’s return. The latter will reprise his role as Aidan Shaw, Carrie’s former fiancé. The last time the on-screen duo were together was in Sex and the City 2, where they made out in Abu Dhabi. At that point, Aidan was still married to Kate, with whom he shared three children: Tater, Homer and Wyatt. But last month Sarah Jessica Parker shared a series of photos in which Carrie and Aidan were strolling through the streets of New York, hand in hand. “Shh. Don’t tell anyone,” reads the caption. 

No matter when season two drops (though we hope it’s soon), one thing’s certain: Things are about to get...shall we say...unholy. 

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Everything We Know About ‘And Just Like That...’ Season 2

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