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While romance films are often loaded with cheesy cliches and unrealistic portrayals of relationships, we’ll admit, we just can’t resist a feel-good love story. From classic romantic comedies like Never Been Kissed to poignant romance dramas like If Beale Street Could Talk, these titles never fail to take us on a rollercoaster of emotions.

Since we could all use a little more love in our lives right now (even if it’s through our TV screens), we took it upon ourselves to round up 30 of the best romance movies on Hulu. Get your popcorn ready.

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1. ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ (2018)

Based on James Baldwin's novel of the same name, this incredibly moving drama follows friends-turned-lovers Clementine "Tish" Rivers and Alonzo "Fonny" Hunt. When Fonny is convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, Tish must fight to prove his innocence.

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2. ‘Pretty In Pink’ (1986)

Andie (Molly Ringwald), a high school outcast, would’ve never guessed that Blane (Andrew McCarthy), one of the most popular guys in school, would notice her, let alone ask her out. But when he does, and Andie begins to date him, both come to understand that dating outside of your social circle comes with a whole lot of drama.

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3. ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ (2002)

After taking on a new job at her family’s travel agency, 30-year-old Toula (Nia Vardalos) meets and falls in love with Ian Miller (John Corbett), a handsome teacher. They begin to date and it seems to be going well, but there’s just one problem: He’s a non-Greek vegetarian. This feel-good rom-com will definitely keep you laughing.

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4. ‘Destination Wedding’ (2018)

Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves are a gorgeous on-screen pair in Destination Wedding, which follows two cynical wedding guests as they fall in love, even despite their major differences.

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5. ‘The Wedding Planner’ (2001)

The fabulous Jennifer Lopez is Mary, a successful wedding planner based in San Francisco. While on an errand, Mary nearly gets hit by a speeding dumpster, but then a handsome pediatrician, Steve Edison (Matthew McConaughey), comes to her rescue. The two seem to click instantly, but unbeknownst to Mary, Steve has an interesting connection to her job.

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6. ‘Palm Springs’ (2020)

Could you imagine being forced to relive the same day over and over again, after having a chance encounter with a total stranger? Well, in Palm Springs, this happens to Nyles (Andy Samberg) and Sarah (Cristin Milioti), whose random meeting at a wedding turns into a never-ending nightmare—and it seems like neither of them can escape this trap, or each other.

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7. ‘Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong’ (2015)

Given that the stars, Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg, are a real-life couple, we can totally see why their chemistry feels so real in the film. Chung plays a children's toy designer named Ruby Lin, who instantly connects with American expatriate Josh Rosenberg (Greenberg), who happens to be visiting Hong Kong on a business trip. Over a year after their brief encounter, the two cross paths again, giving them a second chance at love.

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8. ‘Like Crazy’ (2011)

We admit, certain parts are definitely gut-wrenching, but we promise, with stellar performances and plenty of romantic moments, this movie will make you fall in love all over again. Anna (Felicity Jones), a London native, travels to America and falls in love with the charming Jacob (Anton Yelchin). But unfortunately, they’re forced to part ways when Anna violates the terms of her visa. Can they maintain what they have through a long-distance relationship?

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9. ‘Premature’ (2019)

Set in Harlem, Premature follows 17-year-old Ayanna (Zora Howard) as she prepares to go off college. In the months leading up to her departure, she meets an older man, an attractive music producer named Isaiah (Joshua Boone). The two begin a passionate romance—but the relationship isn’t and sunshine and rainbows. Expect to see a lot of raw, poignant moments and intimate scenes.

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10. ‘Love and Basketball’ (2000)

Monica (Sanaa Lathan) and Quincy (Omar Epps) are BFFs who share a passion for basketball, and both have dreams of playing the sport professionally. As time progresses, they start to fall in love, but when their respective careers begin to take off, it just might ruin their chances of being together.

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11. ‘One Day’ (2011)

Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Dexter (Jim Sturgess) are college friends who agree to meet on the anniversary of their graduation day. Despite their opposite personalities, they enjoy catching up and discussing their dreams. But as the years go by, they begin to realize that they’re in love.

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12. ‘50 First Dates’ (2004)

Adam Sandler plays a womanizing veterinarian named Henry, who sets his sights on an attractive girl named Lucy (Drew Barrymore). But when she forgets ever meeting him the next day, he discovers that a car accident has left her with anterograde amnesia. Over time, Henry falls for Lucy, but can he convince her protective family that his intentions are pure?

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13. ‘Titanic’ (1997)

When Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio), a poor artist, crosses paths with upper class passenger Rose Bukater (Kate Winslet) on the RMS Titanic, the two embark on a whirlwind romance—much to the dismay of Rose's snobbish older fiancé, Cal Hockley.

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14. ‘27 Dresses’ (2008)

Jane (Katherine Heigl) is in a bit of a rut. Not only does her sister fall in love with the man that Jane’s been harboring romantic feelings for, but when they get engaged, Jane has to be their wedding planner. Meanwhile, a dashing young wedding reporter (James Marsden) plans to cover the event, but little does he know that he’ll find his own match in the process.

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15. ‘The Lucky One’ (2012)

Zac Efron stars as Logan Thibault, a US Marine who stumbles upon a photo of a gorgeous woman while serving in Iraq. After using it as his good luck charm, he returns home and tracks the woman down, determined to meet and start a relationship with her. But when he finds her, it proves to be a challenge, considering her own complicated past and her suspicious ex-husband, Keith (Jay R. Ferguson).

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16. ‘Five Feet Apart’ (2019)

Inspired by activist and author Claire Wineland, who suffered from cystic fibrosis, Five Feet Apart follows Stella Grant (Haley Lu Richardson) and Will Newman (Cole Sprouse), two patients with cystic fibrosis who try to have a romantic relationship, even though they’re unable to touch or be within six feet of one another.

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17. ‘Dirty Dancing’ (1987)

While vacationing with her family at an upscale resort, Frances "Baby" Houseman (Jennifer Grey) falls in love with the camp's attractive dance instructor, Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze). It’s filled with quotable scenes, romantic moments and, of course, sensual dance moves.

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18. ‘Brown Sugar’ (2002)

Two best friends, Andre Ellis (Taye Diggs) and Sidney Shaw (Sanaa Lathan), have established successful careers in the hip hop industry. Although they remain close friends, things get a bit complicated when they try to pursue romantic relationships with other people. Get ready to laugh and catch all the feels.

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19. ‘Happiest Season’ (2020)

In this holiday romance film, Harper Caldwell (Mackenzie Davis) invites her girlfriend, Abby Holland (Kristen Stewart), to celebrate Christmas with her family, and Abby sees it as a good opportunity to propose. The only problem? Harper never came out to her parents.

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20. ‘The Photograph’ (2020)

After the death of famous photographer Christina Eames (Chanté Adams), her estranged daughter, Mae (Issa Rae), finds a collection of old photographs, prompting her to investigate her late mother’s early life. But she isn’t the only one who’s interested in her mom’s history. When Michael Block (Lakeith Stanfield), a reporter, takes an interest in Christina's work, he meets and falls in love with Mae.

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21. ‘When Harry met Sally’ (1989)

After having a number of failed relationships, college friends Harry Burns (Billy Crystal) and Sally Albright (Meg Ryan) reunite several years later. The two find themselves attracted to each other, which makes it pretty hard to keep their close friendship platonic.

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22. ‘Call Me by Your Name’ (2017)

Based on André Aciman's 2007 novel of the same name, the coming-of-age romance follows Elio Perlman (Timothée Chalamet), a 17-year-old Jewish Italian who falls for his father’s 24-year-old graduate student, Oliver (Armie Hammer). The critically acclaimed film received a number of awards, including an Oscar, a British Academy Film Award and a Critics' Choice Movie Award for Best Adapted Screenplay.

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23. ‘Pretty Woman’ (1990)

The fairy tale-esque rom-com follows a Hollywood prostitute named Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts), who gets hired by Edward Lewis (Richard Gere), a wealthy businessman, to play his girlfriend. After being his escort for a few days, she undergoes a noticeable transformation, and Edward, impressed by the glow-up, starts to build a real relationship with her. Before he knows it, he’s head over heels about her.

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24. ‘Never Been Kissed’ (1999)

This will definitely bring back memories of obsessing over your first kiss. In the classic rom-com, we follow young journalist, Josie Geller (Drew Barrymore). While going undercover as a high school student for a future story, she falls for her dreamy (adult) teacher, who appears to like her too. Aside from the creepy aspect, it’s definitely a cute story.

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25. ‘Love, Simon’ (2018)

In this comedy-drama, we follow the lovable Simon Spier (Nick Robinson), a closeted gay student who doesn’t quite know how to come out to his family and friends. Dealing with this is stressful enough, but to make matters worse, he also has to deal with a classmate who’s threatening to out him to the entire school. On top of that, he’s also falling in love with an anonymous peer that he’s been chatting with online. Get ready for all the laughs.

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26. ‘Poetic Justice’ (1993)

After the untimely murder of her boyfriend, Justice (Janet Jackson) turns to poetry to help with her depression. But when she meets Lucky (Tupac Shakur), a postal clerk and aspiring musician, the two slowly begin to form an unlikely bond.

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27. ‘Good Deeds’ (2012)

Wesley Deeds (Tyler Perry), a wealthy businessman, has nailed the art of people-pleasing. As a result, he leads a very predictable life as head of a family-owned corporation. He also happens to have a stunning fiancée, Natalie (Gabrielle Union). But when he meets a poor single mother in need of help, he finds himself attracted to her. Will he have the boldness to step out and choose what he wants this time?

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28. ‘You’ve Got Mail’ (1998)

Online dating tends to get a bad rap these days, but this movie will probably give you second thoughts. Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan), who runs an independent bookstore, and Joe Fox (Tom Hanks), who owns Foxbooks, aren’t on the best terms. But while they don’t get along in person, the two fall deeply in love after they start to exchange emails anonymously. What will happen when they finally learn one another’s identities? You’ll have to watch to find out.

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29. ‘(500) Days of Summer’ (2009)

Tom Hansen (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a greeting-card writer, reflects on some of his best moments with Summer Finn (Zooey Deschanel) after she dumps him out of the blue. While trying to figure out where things went wrong, Tom winds up rediscovering his biggest passion.

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30. ‘Young Adult’ (2011)

Think My Best Friend's Wedding, except in this case, the main character, Mavis Gary (Charlize Theron), is determined to steal her old flame (Patrick Wilson) away from his wife and newborn child. Naturally, her plans quickly go haywire.

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