The 50 Best Romantic Movies on Netflix That You Can Stream Right Now

We’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to movies, we’re suckers for romance. Yes, we’re even talking about the cheesy ones.

There’s just something about curling up on the couch with your partner, friends or even by yourself to binge-watch your favorite sappy love stories. For this reason, we’ve rounded up the best romantic movies on Netflix that you can stream right now. And of course, we’ve included rom-coms.

So, without further ado, keep reading for 50 love-filled Netflix movies that will give you all sorts of feels.



1. ‘moonlight’ (2016)

This film follows a young black man at three different chapters of his life. Along the way, he questions his sexuality, meets new friends and learns the true meaning of love.

romantic movies the notebook

2. ‘the Notebook’ (2004)

It would be just plain wrong not to include this classic about two lovers forced apart by their families and social statuses. Not to mention, every rom-com list requires at least one Ryan Gosling appearance.

to all the boys ive loved before

3. ‘to All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ (2018)

Quiet Lara Jean prefers to live her life under the radar. In fact, she has a stash of love letters in her closet, where she confessed her feelings to every crush she’s ever had. Things get messy when her younger sister mails the letters and Jean must pick up the pieces.

to all the boys 2
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4. ‘to All The Boys I’ve Loved Before P.s. I Still Love You’ (2020)

Spoiler alert: Lara Jean’s happy ending doesn’t stay perfect for long. When an old crush comes back into the picture, she must reexamine her feelings and figure out what it is she really wants.

holding the man
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5. ‘holding The Man’ (2015)

In this Australian romantic drama film adapted from Timothy Conigrave's 1995 memoir of the same name, two teen boys fall in love at their all-boys school and defeat obstacles throughout their 15-year relationship. But things don’t remain easy for long.

pride and prejudice
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6. ‘pride & Prejudice’ (2005)

In Jane Austen's tale of 19th-century England, Mrs. Bennet hopes to marry her daughters to prosperous gentlemen, including new arrival Mr. Darcy.

set it up
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7. ‘set It Up’ (2018)

Is it the greatest cinematic masterpiece of all time? No. But this quirky romantic comedy ticks a majority of the boxes when it comes to romance. When two corporate assistants try to set up their unhappy, domineering bosses in order to make their professional lives better, they begin to realize they they have feelings for one another.

the incredible jessica james
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8. ‘the Incredible Jessica James’ (2017)

Struggling New York playwright, Jessica James, is trying to bounce back from a rough breakup. But things start to look up when she meets a divorced app designer on a blind date.

Focus Features

9. ‘eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind’ (2004)

After a gruesome breakup, an estranged couple (Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet) erase all memories of their relationship in this heart-wrenching, imaginative comedy-drama that hit theaters back in 2004. Can they cope with the loss of someone they didn’t know existed?

the wedding planner
Columbia Pictures

10. ‘the Wedding Planner’ (2001)

In this early 2000s film, Jennifer Lopez stars as a wedding planner who is saved by her dream man, played by Matthew McConaughey. However, it’s not long before she realizes her Mr. Right is about to become someone else’s Mr. Husband. Oh, and did we mention the woman he’s about to marry is her latest client?


11. ‘after’ (2019)

Based on a book series that had its origins in One Direction fan fiction (we’re serious), After follows a college student who falls in love with a bad boy. And while we recommend not taking this one too seriously, it still has a handful of true romantic moments.

scott pilgram

12. ‘scott Pilgrim Vs. The World’ (2010)

Michael Cera stars as a shy musician, Scott Pilgrim, who quickly falls in love with delivery girl Ramona Flowers. However, he must vanquish all seven of her evil exes in video game/martial arts battles to win her love.

falling in love

13. ‘falling Inn Love’ (2019)

When a San Francisco executive wins herself a New Zealand inn, she decides to abandon her fast-paced city life to remodel and flip the rustic property. It isn’t long before she enlists the help of a handsome contractor. We see where this is going...

always be my maybe
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14. ‘always Be My Maybe’ (2019)

Reunited after 15 years, chef Sasha and hometown musician Marcus begin to realize that their old sparks have not burned out. Unfortunately, adapting to each other's new lives turns out to be harder than they thought. Think of it as a modern-day When Harry Met Sally.

silver linings playbook
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15. ‘silver Linings Playbook’ (2012)

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence star as two social outcasts who are trying to deal with the harsh realities of their lives. After meeting under unusual circumstances, the two realize they might have more in common than they originally thought.

definitely maybe
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16. ‘definitely Maybe’ (2008)

When it comes to comedies, rom-coms and romance, Ryan Reynolds can do no wrong. Our point is proven with this 2008 film that follows a young Maya as she attempts to learn about how her divorced parents met and fell in love.

jumping the broom
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17. ‘jumping The Broom’ (2011)

After a whirlwind romance, a couple rushes to say "I do" at the bride's family estate on Martha's Vineyard, where their relatives come together to meet for the first time. As you can expect, things don’t go a smoothly as the duo originally thought they would.

the kissing booth
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18. ‘the Kissing Booth’ (2018)

It may just be another quirky teenage quirky rom-com but The Kissing Booth, which follows Elle as she navigates a relationship with the most popular guy in school, is definitely worth the watch. Oh, and there’s a sequel, The Kissing Booth 2.

romantic movies about time

19. ‘about Time’ (2013)

From the director behind Love Actually, Notting Hill and Bridget Jones’s Diary comes this uplifting flick about a young man who realizes he has the ability to time travel. A wonderful reminder to cherish each and every day (and also that Rachel McAdams is amazing in everything).


20. ‘rebecca' (2020)

A young newlywed (Lily James) visits her husband’s family estate, which is located on the English coast. The problem? She can’t seem to forget about her husband’s ex-wife, Rebecca, whose legacy is practically written into the walls of the residence.


21. ‘operation Christmas Drop’ (2020)

Operation Christmas Drop follows Erica Miller (Kat Graham), a young woman who works as a political aide for a high-profile congresswoman, as her career takes a predictable turn when she’s tasked with traveling to Guam to visit the Andersen Air Force Base for the annual Operation Christmas Drop.

the lovebirds

22. ‘the Lovebirds’ (2020)

Moments before breaking up, Leilani and Jibran accidentally become involved in a murder scheme. Afraid of getting framed, the pair embark on a journey to clear their names.

love guarentedd
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23. ‘love Guaranteed’ (2020)

The new Netflix film actually has a pretty clever concept. When a scorned man decides to sue a dating site for guaranteeing he’d find love (surprise: he didn’t), he finds that he might have more in common with his lawyer than simply the desire to win his case.

the lost husband
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24. ‘the Lost Husband’ (2020)

Looking to start a whole new life, a widow takes her children to her aunt's goat farm. It’s not long before she meets (and begins to fall for) the ranch's manager and realizes that there can still be life after love.

the knight before christmas

25. ‘the Knight Before Christmas’ (2019)

When a medieval knight, Sir Cole, is magically transported to modern-day Ohio during the holidays, he meets and quickly befriends a science teacher named Brooke. After Brooke spends time helping him navigate this new world, Sir Cole falls for her and feels less inclined to return home.

someone great netflix

26. ‘someone Great’ (2019)

It might not have the happiest of endings, but Someone Great tells the story of a girl who has one last hoorah before moving to San Francisco.

50 first dates

27. ‘50 First Dates’ (2004)

When Henry Roth falls for Lucy, a woman with no short-term memory, he realizes that he'll have to win her over every single day. This one is especially romantic considering it’s based on a true story. Need we say more?

let it snow
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28. ‘let It Snow’ (2019)

This 2019 movie brings together a star-studded teen cast and almost gives off a type of Love Actually or Valentine’s Day vibe. Let It Snow tells a variety of overlapping love stories during a snowstorm that hits a small town over Christmas.


29. ‘carol’ (2016)

Set in 1950s New York, Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara give awe-inspiring performances in the critically acclaimed film about a forbidden affair.

marriage story
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30. ‘marriage Story’ (2019)

While the film, which focuses on a couple navigating their divorce, is known for making viewers a complete wreck (seriously, some points are so sad and uncomfortable that it’s hard to watch), Marriage Story also has its moments packed with love and romance.

why did you get married

31. ‘why Did I Get Married?’ (2007)

This comedy-drama is an adaptation of Tyler Perry’s (who also wrote, produced, directed and starred) play of the same name. The film follows eight college friends who reunited and explore the resultant emotional impact that infidelity and love have upon (you guessed it) marriage.

como caido

32. ‘como Caido Del Cielo’ (2019)

In this quirky rom-com, legendary Mexican actor-singer Pedro Infante is sent back to Earth in an impersonator's body to mend his womanizing ways in hopes of earning his place in heaven.

ginny weds sunny
Soundarya Production

33. ‘ginny Weds Sunny’ (2020)

Eager to marry but suffering from terrible luck with women, a bachelor hopes to win over a former crush (a partner whom he was arranged to marry but rejected) by accepting help from an unlikely source: her mother.

ghosts of girlfriends past
New Line Cinema

34. ‘ghosts Of Girlfriends Past’ (2009)

The night before his brother is set to get married, notorious ladies' man Conner takes a trip down memory lane and revisits all the women from his romantic past, present and future. Not to mention, the king of romantic comedies, Matthew McConaughey, stars.

my best friends wedding
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35. ‘my Best Friend’s Wedding’ (1997)

When her childhood best friend decides to get married, Julianne Potter does everything she can to stop the wedding. With everything from a Dionne Warwick family sing-along to oversize flip phones, this Julia Roberts classic had us replaying the movie soundtrack on repeat.

the hows of us
Star cinema

36. ‘the Hows Of Us’ (2018)

In this romantic drama, a young couple who dreams of forever must deal with the reality of their long term relationship and divergent career aspirations. Will they be able to keep their love alive?

two can play that game1
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37. ‘two Can Play That Game’ (2001)

Starring Vivica A. Fox, Morris Chestnut and Anthony Anderson, this film follows a successful ad executive who believes she's a relationship professional. That is—until her tactics are tested when she begins dates a charming attorney.

the half of it

39. ‘the Half Of It’ (2020)

When smart teenager Ellie Chu is looking for a way to make some extra money, she agrees to write a love letter for a jock. However, she never imagined that they’d actually become friends...or that she would start getting feelings for his crush.

a walk to remember

39. ‘a Walk To Remember’ (2002)

When bad boy Landon is cast opposite Jamie, a terminally ill high school student checking off items on her bucket list, in a school play, things get romantic. Can you see where this is going?

a thin line
New Line Cinema

40. ‘a Thin Line Between Love And Hate’ (1996)

Martin Lawrence stars as a philandering club promoter who sets out to win over a rich, glamorous woman. Unfortunately for him, he has no clue just how much mayhem he's about to bring into his life.

after we collided
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41. ‘after We Collided’ (2020)

If you loved Anna Todd and Mario Celaya's After series, then you'll be equally impressed with the film adaptation. This steamy second installment follows Tessa (Josephine Langford) as she struggles to navigate her troubled relationship with Hardin (Hero Fiennes Tiffin). Selma Blair, Dylan Sprouse and Candice King also star.

five feet apart
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42. ‘five Feet Apart’ (2019)

In Justin Baldoni's emotional directorial debut, Haley Lu Richardson and Cole Sprouse play two patients with cystic fibrosis. The two fall in love and try to pursue a romantic relationship, but it proves to be a challenge, since they’re required to stay at least six feet apart for their own safety.

romantic movies on netflix like crazy
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43. ‘like Crazy’ (2011)

When Anna Gardner (Felicity Jones), a British exchange student, meets an American student named Jacob (Anton Yelchin), a Hallmark-worthy love story ensues. But their fairytale romance comes to a screeching halt when Anna is denied re-entry into the United States, due to her expired visa.

dear john
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44. ‘dear John’ (2010)

A soldier named John Tyree (Channing Tatum) becomes smitten with a college student, Savannah Curtis (Amanda Seyfried), in this swoon-worthy adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’s novel. In their years-long romance, they face multiple challenges and consequences they never saw coming.

resort to love
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45. ‘resort To Love’ (2021)

romantic movies on netflix crazy about
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46. ‘crazy About Her’ (2021)

When Andri (Álvaro Cervantes), an entertainment journalist, hits it off with an unstable mental patient, he admits himself into the hospital to spend more time with her. Ah, the things we do for love.

romantic movies on netflix serendipity
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47. ‘serendipity’ (2001)

It’s delightfully cheesy and bound to make you say “awww” at least once. In this classic, Jonathan (John Cusack) meets an attractive woman named Sara (Kate Beckinsale) and sparks instantly fly. Will fate bring them back together again?

love hard1
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48. ‘love Hard’ (2021)

The feel-good film instantly made headlines after its release in November, and judging by its plot, we can totally see why. Starring Nina Dobrev and Darren Barnet, the movie follows a woman, who thinks she’s found her prince charming after meeting him online. It doesn’t take long for her to realize she's been catfished.

romantic movies on netflix loving
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49. ‘loving’ (2016)

This moving biographical drama depicts the true story of Richard and Mildred Loving, an interracial couple who are banished from their home state of Virginia because of their illegal marriage. See how their landmark case, Loving v. Virginia, ended prohibitions on interracial marriage.

romantic movies on netflix big wedding
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50. ‘the Big Wedding’ (2013)

OK, so it’s not Oscar-worthy, but it’ll definitely make you laugh. Robert De Niro and Diane Keaton play Don and Ellie Griffin, a divorced couple who attempt to play nice at their adopted son’s wedding—but can they do it without humiliating each other? The star-studded cast includes Amanda Seyfried, Katherine Heigl, Topher Grace, Ben Barnes, Susan Sarandon and Robin Williams.

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