15 Reese Witherspoon Roles That Are Peak Aries

Reese Witherspoon is one of our favorite Aries—she’s bright, she’s spunky and she’s got that iconic smile that can light up a room. Over the course of her decades-long career she has given us a wide range of characters, but, we couldn’t help but notice some of the roles she’s taken are totally in line with her star sign. We’re talking Elle Woods, Tracy Flick, even June Carter. Check out the 15 Reese Witherspoon roles that are peak Aries below.

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reese witherspoon peak aries legally blonde

1. Elle Woods, Legally Blonde

Sunny, witty, ambitious and ever the trendsetter, no other Reese Witherspoon role screams Aries quite like this one. She possesses every characteristic this fire sign is known for, including that extra edge, which doesn’t let her succumb to the bullish boys’ club that dominates her law school. She’s not scared to bark back when there’s an injustice at play and is very much sure of who she is. We stan.

reese witherspoon peak aries cruel intentions
Columbia Pictures

2. Annette Hargrove, Cruel Intentions

Sweet Annette innocently falls for Sebastian’s whims, but this character shows an Aries fire can burn red hot even if it’s not necessarily raging. That iconic “I turn to Jesus” jab confirmed that Annette is not some doe-eyed Bambi moving through the world without a clue. They may keep to themselves sometimes, but don’t test an Aries.

reese witherspoon peak aries hot pursuit
Warner Bros.

3. Rose Cooper, Hot Pursuit

Come hell or high water—or a 13-foot road truck, accidental drug inhalation, and unfortunate run-in with cartel goonies—nothing can stop an Aries on a mission. Cue: Witherspoon as Rose Cooper, a small but mighty cop tasked with the challenge of getting a key witness to her destination safely. The mission comes with a slew of twists and turns, but that renowned Aries determination conquers all.

reese witherspoon peak aries little fires everywhere

4. Elena Richardson, Little Fires Everywhere

Selfish, narrow-minded and utterly unrelenting, Elena Richardson is emblematic of the not-so-charming side of Aries. This fire sign can be warm and kind but all that energy and enthusiasm we love them for can also become extremely toxic when channeled in the wrong direction.

reese witherspoon peak aries big little lies

5. Madeline Mackenzie, Big Little Lies

Another show of the not-so-pretty side of these rams. Once Madeline has made up her mind, it is made up. Sound familiar? Her stubborn nature and self-centered behavior are also typical of this fire sign and it’s at full display in this hit HBO series. It’s evident in her treatment of “outsiders” and even in her relationship with her husband and kids. It takes major chaotic and traumatic events to get her to see things differently.

reese witherspoon peak aries walk the line
20th Century FOX

6. June Carter, Walk The Line

Witherspoon’s portrayal of June Carter is probably the best example of what an Aries can be like in love. They can fall hard, sure, but don’t expect them to be stupid in love. If you don’t have your act together, they have the gusto to tell you to shape up or ship out. (They’re also great collaborators and avid protectors when linked with the right partner.)

reese witherspoon peak aries election
Paramount Pictures

7. Tracy Flick, Election

Over-achieving, independent and willing to pull out all the stops to get to her goals, any Aries is sure to see themselves in Tracy Flick. We may not agree with the cunning ways she secures her seat as school president, but we love to hate her, and we can respect the fact that she is an adept strategist. Since the film's 1999 release, Tracy Flick has become a beacon of empowerment, with her strong conviction and unwavering ambition resonating with many women trying to break through the glass ceiling, even today.

reese witherspoon peak aries friends

8. Jill Greene, Friends

Sure, Jill was a spoiled brat who was completely out of touch with the world around her but hey, so was Rachel and we grew to love her. We can cut the same slack for Jill because even though she can be inconsiderate, she has that energetic, playful spirit that attracts all of us to these wild Aries. Just ask Ross.

reese witherspoon peak aries this means war
20th Century Fox

9. Lauren Scott, This Means War

That tendency to go headfirst into a challenge can get these ram signs into a bind. Such is the case for Lauren Scott who accidentally begins dating two best friends at the same time. As if that wasn’t enough, it turns out the two buds are also high-ranking spies. Needless to say, a lot of hilarity unfolds in this 2012 rom com.

reese witherspoon peak aries sweet home alabama
Touchstone Pictures

10. Melanie Smooter, Sweet Home Alabama

Yet another flick where two gorgeous hunks fall in love with a beautiful girl. One falls in love with that go-getter, driven side of hers that has conquered Manhattan. The other falls for the down-to-earth and devoted side. Though Aries are never one to shy away from a challenge, just like Melanie here, things get a bit complicated when feelings are involved.

reese witherspoon peak aries wild
Fox Serachlight Pictures

11. Cheryl Strayed, Wild

Aries are a lot of things, but passive is just not one of them. Ruled by Mars, the Roman god of war, Aries are bold and heroic, just like Cheryl Strayed in this critically acclaimed drama. After several major losses lead her down a path of self-destruction, Cheryl decides to take matters into her own hands and embarks on a harrowing 2,650-mile journey down the Pacific Crest Trail, to find herself. The excursion is taxing both emotionally and physically, but she presses on, just like any Aries would.

reese witherspoon peak aries mud

12. Juniper, Mud

Juniper may not be everyone’s favorite character in this gripping indie, but life has dealt her a bad hand and she’s doing the best she can. There are some tough decisions to be made on her part and though she makes them at the risk of her own well-being, she puts her head down, does what she needs to do and marches forward.

reese witherspoon peak aries cat1

13. Evelyn Williams, American Psycho

While that Aries grit can be quite endearing, it can easily lead to recklessness and impulsive behavior—like wanting to marry a guy who is a) not into you and b) a psychopath—a la Evelyn Williams. A step back and an assessment of the bigger picture is always encouraged for these hard-headed rams.

reese witherspoon peak aries the morning show
Apple TV+

14. Bradley Jackson, The Morning Show

Bradley Jackson’s innate spirit of innovation, leadership and effortless spunk lands her the gig of a lifetime, but she soon finds out that all that glitters is not gold. She’s brought in to shake things up at UBA network’s The Morning Show, though the means with which she’s supposed to do so are underhanded. Some tough decisions have to be made but scared as she may be, Jackson forges forward—for better or for worse. Sound familiar?

reese witherspoon peak aries just like heaven
DreamWorks Pictures

15. Elizabeth Masterson, Just Like Heaven

Let this heartwarming rom com serve as a reminder for all the highly driven Aries out there to take a moment, break away from the hustle and bustle of chasing after your next accomplishment and just…breathe. Just like Elizabeth, Aries can be all about work, work, work and we don’t want a terrible accident to be your wake-up call too.

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