PureWow Entertainment Picks of the Week: From ‘Manifest’ to ‘Killer Sally’

With so many streaming services and social media platforms available at our fingertips, it’s hard to know where to look for new content. That’s why we had four editors highlight the best picks of the week, whether it’s a brand-new show that deserves your attention or an LOL-worthy meme that’s dominating social media. The best part? We'll be releasing new picks weekly. So without further ado, here are PureWow’s entertainment picks for the week of Monday, November 7, 2022.

purewow entertainment picks manifest

PureWow Pick for the Most Binge-Worthy Supernatural Drama: Manifest Season 4

“This is required viewing for anyone who's seen the gut-punching twist ending from season three. There's an unexpected new romance, a major revelation about the callings and a host of new clues that'll have you itching to do a Google search on all the newest fan theories. Plus, supporting characters like Jared and Zeke get some well-deserved screen-time. (Fair warning: Your jaw will be on the floor by the time you get to the final episode of part one.)” — Nakeisha Campbell, PureWow’s Associate Editor of Entertainment & News

Sarah Jessica Parker And Just Like That Wedding Dress CAT

PureWow Pick for Best Tease of the Week: Carrie Bradshaw in That Dress

“Though a Peloton (and being an IRL scumbag) may have done in Big for good, Carrie Bradshaw has found herself back in her iconic Sex and the City movie wedding dress—the one she donned while hitting Big with a bouquet in the middle of the New York City streets. While filming season two of And Just Like That, SJP was photographed wearing the same exact dress, with small new embellishments. Was this a spoiler caught on camera by the paparazzi? Probably not, given that HBO also shared an image of her in the dress. Our guess? She's not getting married again, but is either experiencing a dream sequence or she's chosen to 'reclaim' what it means to be a widow and is taking to the streets in her gown. Either way, we'll be tuning in when the show returns.” — Philip Mutz, PureWow’s VP of News & Entertainment

purewow entertainment picks killer sally
Courtesy of Netflix

PureWow Pick for Most Shocking New Documentary: Killer Sally

“If you haven’t watched Killer Sally (Netflix’s brand-new docuseries), you should add it to your streaming queue. The first episode is a little slow because it explores all the background information that led to bodybuilding’s most infamous crime. But once it picks up, the documentary offers a shocking glimpse into how domestic violence victims are treated within the criminal justice system.” — Greta Heggeness, PureWow’s Senior Editor of News & Entertainment

PureWow Pick for Best Meme-Worthy Moment: Zac Efron Transforms into He-Man

“While on set for his upcoming wrestling movie, The Iron Claw, Zac Efron debuted a brand-new 'do that fans immediately noted was similar to an iconic character of the '90s—He-Man. As Efron showed off his buff build and a bob with bangs, people like TV writer Daniel Newman couldn't help but discuss it on Twitter. 'Ummm when did Zac Efron start Filming HE-Man Master of the Universe?!?! Newman asked. There may already be a live-action Masters of the Universe film in the works, but if Kyle Allen steps down from the role of He-Man, Efron could fill it perfectly.” — Joel Calfee, Assistant Editor of News & Entertainment


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