PureWow Editors’ Most Played Songs of the Year Are Amazing (and Kind of Humiliating)

It’s that time of year, ya’ll. (And no, we’re not talking about the holidays.) Spotify just dropped the wrapped feature on its app and now the whole world is reminiscing about their top songs and artists of the year.

Here at PureWow, we are no different. And considering this has been quite the year of stress, surprise and straight-up confusion, some of us were shocked (and a little humiliated) to find out our own results.

Keep reading for seven of our editors’ top songs and artists of 2020. Plus, their reactions.

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jill quote
Courtesy of Jillian Quint

1. Jillian Quint, Editor-in-chief

“Lesson learned: Never give your Spotify password to your children.”

Courtesy of catrina Yohay

2. Catrina Yohay, Managing Editor

“This about sums up my year. Kacey, Maren and Hamilton on repeat!”

Courtesy of Brian Rodowicz

3. Brian Rodowicz, Head Of Data And Insights

“It's my fourth favorite day of the year. Spotify wrapped day. And 70,000 minutes was just ‘Roses.’”

Courtesy of chelsea Candelario

4. Chelsea Candelario, Assistant Editor

“Are we at all surprised that a song by Harry Styles is my top song of the year and twice?! Not at all (especially when “Adore You” alone was streamed 45 times apparently). This list also exposes my obsession with TikTok (hence “Say So” and “Don’t Start Now”). But I’m just genuinely confused and surprised that Justin Bieber managed to sneak in there and my 16-year-old self is appalled. Oh how times have changed.”

Courtesy of Katherine Gillen

5. Katherine Gillen, Food Editor

“I’d like to thank the academy, the pandemic and my quarantine depression for curating my top songs of 2020.”

Courtesy of Abby Hepworth

6. Abby Hepworth, Associate Editor

“My Top Artists is a pretty weird combination. Beyoncé and Ariana Grande probably made a lot of people’s lists, but my other three, not so much. Numbers 3 and 4 are actually from the same recording of The Nutcracker ballet (which is my go-to background music for work) and number 2 is the man who composed most of the soundtrack for The Grand Budapest Hotel…which I guess I listened to a lot more often this year than I remember? All in all this list is no weirder than the rest of 2020, I suppose.”

Courtesy of Mary D'Alessio

7. Mary D'alessio, Director Of Audience Development

“I'm currently fuming because it’s the first year Foo Fighters weren't my top artist.”