7 Awesome Podcasts for Your Teenager

Being a teenager isn’t easy. Hormones are raging, every decision feels life-changing and keeping up with the latest social media app is damn near impossible (OK fine, maybe that’s just us.) Help your teen navigate those transformative years with one of these funny, smart and totally thought-provoking podcasts.

9 Amazing Podcasts for Kids (Yep, They’re a Thing)

welcome to night vale podcast for teens
Welcome to Night Vale  

Welcome To Night Vale

Twilight Zone meets Twin Peaks in this twice-monthly podcast that’s delivered as a radio news show from the small desert town of Night Vale. Here, everything is weird (think: helicopter kidnappings, mysterious lights in the sky and hooded figures lurking around) but even weirder? It’s all just part of everyday life. Guaranteed to enthrall your teen (and parents, too).  

this american life podcast for teens
This American Life

This American Life

You know how hilarious, moving and entertaining this podcast is, so why not share it with your kid? Number one radio crush Ira Glass has a way of turning even the most seemingly mundane subjects (like patent law and garbage) into fascinating stories. Listen together on your way to school, then discuss.

book club for kids podcast for teens
Book Club for Kids

Book Club For Kids

This genius podcast is perfect for young book lovers. Middle schoolers talk about popular YA reads, with a celebrity reading excerpts from the book. Even cooler? The book’s author also features in and answers readers’ questions.

radiolab podcast for teens


Guaranteed to be more interesting than your teen’s chem class, this curiosity-led podcast dives deep into the weird and wonderful world of science. Previous episodes have investigated why we laugh, explored the line between music and language and discussed the surprising history of football.

ask me another podcast for teens
Ask Me Another

Ask Me Another

Aka your family road trip must-have. This NPR game show features current events, music, word games, puzzles and trivia all in front of a live audience. Even your surly teen will find it hard to resist getting involved.

stuff you missed in history class podcast logo for teens
Stuff You Missed in History Class

Stuff You Missed In History Class

A great way for your kid to learn about people and events that are often overlooked in history class. If that sounds like a snooze fest, think again. Previous episodes have delved into the building of Disney’s Haunted Mansion, the mysterious appearance of devil-like footprints in Devon and who the real Robin Hood was. 

youth radio logo best podcasts for teens
Youth Radio

Youth Radio

Created by teens for teens, this one’s great for budding journalists or broadcasters. These youngsters aren’t afraid to talk about the issues—previous episodes have tackled gun violence, gender pronouns and religion.

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