15 Times Prince Louis Stole the Show with His Meme-Worthy Expressions

Prince Louis is only 5 years old, but he’s already earned himself a reputation for being a scene-stealer. Sure, his siblings—Prince George and Princess Charlotte—have had their standout moments, but we can always count on the playful royal to amuse onlookers with his enthusiasm and meme-worthy facial expressions, whether he’s enjoying a casual outing with his family or hanging out on the Buckingham Palace balcony. Keep scrolling to see Prince Louis’s cutest and funniest moments that were caught on camera.

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1. When Prince Louis Rocked His Mom’s Sunglasses

The young royal looked trendy and cool while wearing a pair of his mom’s sunglasses during a 2019 polo match in Wokingham, England. Though he was only 1 at the time, he was already showing off his playful side when he greeted his aunt, Meghan Markle, and baby Archie.

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2. When He Followed His Big Sister’s Example

This marked Prince Louis’s first Trooping the Colour. Although he didn’t leave Buckingham Palace, he could be seen waving from a window, just like his sister. Gotta love when the royals lead by example.

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3. When He Couldn’t Contain His Excitement During His First Balcony Appearance

The youngest Cambridge sibling was visibly energetic and ready to show off his royal wave when he appeared on the Buckingham Palace Balcony for the first time. Naturally, his mom couldn’t help but laugh.

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4. When Prince Louis Tried To Shush His Mom

At the Platinum Pageant, as Middleton tried to speak to him, the young royal proceeded to shush his mom by covering her mouth with his hand—complete with a stern expression. Yep, he’s a bold one.

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5. And Then Stuck His Tongue Out

Prince Louis truly stole the show at the Platinum Pageant. In typical fashion, he stuck out his tongue at his mom while making a silly hand gesture.

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6. When He Covered His Ears During The Flypast At The Queen’s Jubilee

Although Her Majesty was the one being honored, all eyes were on Prince Louis when he covered his ears to block out the noise during the Royal Air Force Flypast.

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7. And Then Couldn’t Contain His Excitement

Prince Louis served yet another funny facial expression as he observed the flypast from the balcony of Buckingham Palace. TBH, we’d be in awe, too.

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8. …or Hide His Boredom

There was plenty of excitement at the queen’s Jubilee. But that didn’t stop Prince Louis from showing the crowd how he really felt about standing on the balcony.

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9. When He Waved To The Crowd During The Parade

Once again, Prince Louis followed Princess Charlotte’s example by waving to the crowds during Trooping the Colour. And in a short clip that was shared on social media, Char showed Prince Louis how it’s done.

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10. When He Spent Some Quality Time With Prince Charles

During the Platinum Jubilee Pageant, Prince Louis sat on his grandfather’s lap in the Royal Box. Prince Louis appeared to have his eye on someone in the distance, smirking and pointing as shown in this photo.

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11. When He Showed A Little Sass

Add some text, and you’ve got yourself an epic meme. In this pic, Prince Louis wagged his fingers in the air and pouted his lips. A move that almost every little kid has tried at least once.

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12. When He Shared A Silly Moment With His Mom

We imagine that Prince Louis has Middleton laughing around the clock due to funny faces like this.

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13. When Prince Louis Called It A Day

To be fair, he wasted lots of energy with his silly shenanigans during the weekend celebration. He was clearly ready for a well-deserved rest.

Prince Louis Easter Sunday Service.
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14. When He Can’t Hold in His Laughter Any Longer

Earlier this month, the prince attended his first-ever Easter Sunday service with his family. And it looks like the young royal had a hard time holding in his laughter. Ohh come on, let us in on the joke, Prince Louis?

Prince Louis Over It Face Easter Sunday Service CAT
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15. Oh, How Can We Not Mention His “I’m So Over It” Face?

After the service ended, the young prince looked about ready to call it a day and head home because he couldn’t hide the expression on his face. He gave us the best “alright, we’re out of here” facial expression that we can’t help but relate to on a personal level.

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