The Netflix Series Every Pisces Needs to Binge Right This Second

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When a Pisces isn't completely consumed with solving every friend, family member and stranger they met once in the bodega's problems, the mermaid of the zodiac deserves some Netflix bingeing time of their own. So what should this empathetic sign stream? Hands down: The OAHere's why.

The Oa is an escape

As emotional sponges to everyone around them, reality can be overwhelming for Pisces—which is why they can only take a show like The Bachelor in small doses. So if a Pisces really wants to zone out and relax, they need to immerse themselves in a different world, and The OA packages that escape in a million and one ways.

So what is the show exactly? Well, just like a Pisces, the series can't be easily described—it's a mix of fantasy, science fiction, supernatural, mystery and thriller. It's 100 percent original. Starring (and co-created by) Brit Marling, the two-season series kicks off when a young woman who is blind, Prairie Johnson, resurfaces after going missing for seven years. Remerged, she now refers to herself as The OA (aka the Original Angel). But the real kicker is that Prairie now has her sight back. Though she won't tell the authorities or even her parents how exactly she regained her eyesight, The OA assembles a rag-tag group of locals (mostly teenagers as well as The Office's own Phyllis Smith) to tell her story of captivity, time travel and so much more. As The OA shares what happened to her, the series takes viewers across portals and into new, strange worlds that a Pisces would revel in. 

They can relate to the main character

Pisces are known for the imaginative powers and creativity that can literally change the world and inspire others to unlock their own potential. And this is exactly what Marling's character does in the Netflix series. In her magical, otherworldly ways, the OA's character is driven to change the hearts and minds of those around her, just as a visionary Pisces would. In fact, Pisces typically believe so strongly in their missions, that they're able to inspire others to action and loyalty, which The OA certainly gains from her storytelling group. 

It's a super weird, dreamy show

Not getting a real sense of the show? That's probably because you have to watch it to understand it; like trying to hold a live fish in your hands, it's way too slippery to hold down and unpack directly. But a wise and emotionally intelligent Pisces will absolutely devour the complicated narrative, the surreal visuals and what some viewers (hi, Capricorn) see as loose ends. 

Though The OA was unfortunately canceled after season two, you can still watch all 16 episodes on Netflix

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