The New #4 Movie on Netflix Is a Must-Watch for Thriller Fans

It stars Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White and Alexis Knapp

one more shot netflix

If you love edge-of-your-seat films, then you need to tune into this must-watch film that’s gaining popularity on Netflix

Introducing One More Shot, which is a sequel to the 2021 movie One Shot (more on this later). The action flick just premiered earlier this year, and it’s already claimed the number four spot on the streaming service’s list of most-watched films. (It’s currently ranked behind Shrek, Unfrosted and The Judge.)

The story follows a Navy SEAL named Jake Harris (Scott Adkins), who is tasked with escorting a terrorist suspect to Washington D.C. after a Polish black site is targeted by a group of mercenaries. When they arrive at the airport, chaos ensues. Jake must protect the suspect, who is the key to combatting a deadly bomb threat. 

In addition to Adkins, the British action thriller also stars Michael Jai White (Robert Jackson), Alexis Knapp (Jennifer Lomax), Tom Berenger (Mike Marshall), Waleed Elgadi (Amin Mansur), Hannah Arterton (Hooper), Meena Rayann (Niesha Mansur), Jill Winternitz (Kelly Harris) and Neil Linpow (FBI Agent Long).

Netflix’s official synopsis reads, “Racing against the clock, a Navy SEAL fights his way through an airport siege to protect the one man who can stop a potentially catastrophic explosion.”

One More Shot is a sequel to One Shot, which originally premiered in 2021. The original film had a similar premise, following a group of Navy SEALS who are tasked with evacuating a prisoner from an island. They’re forced to take action when a team of insurgents invade the CIA black site in an attempt to rescue the prisoner. 

Sounds right up my alley. 

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