What Is Nicole Kidman’s Net Worth? Here’s How She Built Her Massive Fortune

It’s easy to see why Nicole Kidman is one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood. Not only did she totally rule the ‘90s (see: Batman Forever, Eyes Wide Shut), but she also went on to headline dozens of box office hits, proving that her acting range knows no bounds. Not to mention her lengthy list of accolades, including two Emmys, six Golden Globe Awards and an Academy Award. So what does that all mean for her net worth? Well, a total of about $250 million.

Since the star has become such a powerhouse in the industry, she’s making a pretty penny through all of her projects.Here’s what we know about Nicole Kidman’s net worth.

1. What Is Nicole Kidman’s Net Worth?

Forbes revealed in 2020 that the Moulin Rouge actress is the seventh highest-paid actress in the world, having earned a total of $22 million from her projects that year. But as of 2023, Kidman is worth a whopping $250 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. NBD.

2. What Was Kidman’s Salary For Nine Perfect Strangers?

Variety has reported that Kidman made at least $1 million per episode of the new Hulu series, where she stars as the mysterious Masha Dmitrichenko, founder of a wellness resort. But this wasn’t the only show that led to a huge payday.

Variety also revealed that the actress earned $350,000 for the first season of HBO’s Big Little Lies, and according to Forbes, Kidman made $1 million per episode for the HBO series, The Undoing.

3. How Much Did She Earn From Her Movies?

Having years of experience and an Oscar to your name certainly doesn't hurt when it comes to negotiating movie salaries—and Kidman is all the proof we need. Per Celebrity Net Worth, Kidman earned $200,000 for one of her earliest roles in 1990's Days of Thunder. But that salary got bumped up to seven figures when she took home $2 million for the 1995 crime drama, To Die For.

Naturally, as her acting credits increased, so did her paycheck. Kidman reportedly received $2.5 million for Batman Forever (1995), $5 million for The Peacemaker (1997), $6.5 million for Eyes Wide Shut (1999) and $7 million for Moulin Rouge! (2001). Fast-forward to 2020 and, according to Forbes, Kidman earned an eight-figure salary from Netflix’s The Prom.

At this rate, Kidman just might land a role that makes her the highest-paid actress in the world.

4. What About Her Endorsement Deals?

Not surprisingly, several brands have jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with the Eyes Wide Shut star. For instance, in 2003, she became the face of Chanel No. 5. And in 2005, she became a spokesperson for Omega watches. Other brands she's teamed up with include Neutrogena, Jimmy Choo and Sera Labs.

5. Does She Own Real Estate?

Kidman and her husband, Keith Urban, own at least $30 million worth of real estate together. Their main residence, which is located in Nashville, is a 12,000 square-foot mansion worth $3.5 million. Meanwhile, they also own a $5 million home in Beverly Hills, a $4 million farm in Bunya Hill, Australia, a $4.2 million penthouse in Sydney and a New York duplex worth $9.6 million—complete with a car elevator that goes straight to the front door.

Looks like Masha from Nine Perfect Strangers isn't the only one who's living her best life.

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