Nicole Kidman Shares Extremely Rare Video of Her Two Daughters on Instagram

Nicole Kidman is treating fans to a rare glimpse of her youngest daughters.

On Instagram, the 53-year-old actress posted a Vogue throwback video, which features herself and her two girls (Sunday Rose, 12, and Faith Margaret, 10) playing together in Uluru, Australia. She wrote, "Just looking back. Wonderful memories. #Uluru."

In the footage, which was filmed for Vogue Australia in 2015, Kidman and her children are carefree as they run around in their frolicky white dresses. Not surprisingly, fans were delighted to see the happy family, since Kidman and her husband, Keith Urban, are usually protective of their girls' privacy on social media.

One fan wrote, "This is the most adorable thing I have ever seen." Another follower added, "Looks like a beautiful place and I love the video with your daughters!"

The Oscar-winning actress gave birth to her first biological child with Urban in 2008. They welcomed their second child, Faith, via surrogacy in 2010.

During her chat with Glamour UK, she revealed that she genuinely enjoys being around her children. She said, "I prefer children to adults. I like adults more now, not more than kids, though."

She continued, "It’s just fun because I just find their perspective not so heavy. It puts you in a more childlike place where you go. I can move through this and it can be fleeting. It doesn't have to become a massive weight."

We hope this won't be the last time we get a glimpse of Kidman's mother-daughter moments!

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