‘Breaking Bad’ Fans, You Need to Watch This Hidden Gem Crime Series on Netflix

Although Breaking Bad concluded nearly a decade ago, we'll admit, Walter White's fascinating journey from chemistry teacher to meth kingpin still lives rent-free in our mind. What started as a means of providing for his family turned into a massive drug empire, which would eventually transform him into a calculating, power-hungry criminal. It made for one of the most compelling storylines in TV history. And now, we're obsessing over another binge-worthy series that's giving us all the Breaking Bad vibes.

Allow us to introduce Netflix's hidden gem, How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast). Inspired by the true story of Maximilian S.—an 18-year-old who launched a successful online shop for drugs from his childhood bedroom—the coming-of-age German series revolves around Walter White 2.0 a nerdy teen named Moritz, AKA Mo. When his long-term girlfriend, Lisa, returns from America with a newfound interest in drugs (and zero interest in him), he creates an untraceable website and starts dealing drugs online in an effort to win her back.

Unlike Walter, Mo isn't dealing with a life-threatening diagnosis, but he's in a desperate situation, and he concludes that dealing drugs will heal his wounds and solve his problems. But of course, over time, Mo's ego and desire for more power get the best of him. Though he eventually becomes one of Europe's biggest dealers, he inadvertently creates more chaos for his team.

Aside from navigating the messy world of drugs, Mo is also dealing with heartbreak and struggling to find his identity. Seeing him try to balance high school drama with his illegal business adds an interesting dimension to this familiar storyline. But perhaps the most fascinating element is how the show explores the younger generation's obsession with the internet and social media. From Mo logging in to Lisa’s Facebook account to his friend Lenny catfishing his crush, How to Sell Drugs Online realistically portrays how the internet has become all-consuming, and how it can shape one's identity.

how to sell drugs online
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Another plus? The series is filled with engaging characters and it blends serious, timely themes (from peer pressure and bullying to first loves) with dark humor. In fact, you'll find it impossible to get through a single episode without chuckling, thanks in part to Mo's laughably awkward moments and one-liners.

Maximilian Mundt (Mo), Anna Lena Klenke (Lisa), Danilo Kamperidis (Lenny) and Damian Hardung (Daniel) are just a few actors who make up the incredibly talented cast. And now, the first three seasons are available to stream on Netflix, with a fourth season currently in the works.

Breaking Bad know what to do.

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