This Chris Tucker & Charlie Sheen Action Flick Is Skyrocketing Up Netflix’s Most-Watched Movies List

What happens when you combine Chris Tucker and Charlie Sheen in an action-comedy storyline? You get the number four movie on Netflix, that’s what.

Money Talks (which originally hit theaters back in 1997) recently became available to stream on Netflix, and it’s already claimed the number four spot on the service’s list of most-watched movies. FYI: It’s currently ranked behind It’s All About the Benjamins, Finding 'Ohana and The Dig.

Money Talks begins by introducing viewers to a reporter named James (Charlie Sheen), who helps law enforcement lock up an infamous criminal, Franklin (Chris Tucker). Shortly after being taken to jail, Franklin is involved in a violent prison break and, in turn, wrongly accused of killing several officers.

When Franklin re-crosses paths with James, the pair team up to prove his innocence and end up in the midst of a nationwide manhunt. (Disclaimer: The movie is rated R, so viewer discretion is advised.)

In addition to Sheen and Tucker, Money Talks also stars Heather Locklear (Grace), Gerard Ismael (Raymond), Elise Neal (Paula), Michael Wright (Aaron), Paul Sorvino (Tony), Larry Hankin (Roland), Paul Gleason (Detective Pickett), Daniel Roebuck (Detective Williams), Frank Bruynbroek (Dubray), Veronica Cartwright (Connie) and Damian Chapa (Carmine).

The movie was directed by Brett Ratner (Red Dragon). Toy Story writers Joel Cohen and Alec Sokolow penned the script, while Walter Coblenz (All the President’s Men) and Tracy Kramer (Broken) served as producers.

Although Rotten Tomatoes lists an approval rating of 16 percent (yikes!), we’ll let you be the judge.

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