The New #3 Netflix Movie Is Not What You Think It Is—But It Looks Really, Really Good

*Note: Since publication, Netflix has moved this title to the 'TV Show' section of their site.

If you’re familiar with the Richard Jewell case, we highly recommend you add Netflix’s latest addition, Manhunt: Deadly Games, to your streaming queue.

The miniseries originally premiered on CBS earlier this year, and it’s already claimed the number three spot on Netflix’s list of most-watched movies. (Yes, it’s considered a film—not a TV show—for some inexplicable reason.) It’s currently ranked behind Ava and Triple 9 and ahead of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Peppermint and The Christmas Chronicles 2.

Manhunt: Deadly Games is a miniseries that tells the real-life story of Atlanta’s 1996 Olympic Park bombing. The show follows the investigation and examines how security guard Richard Jewell (Cameron Britton) became a prime suspect. Not only is it gaining popularity on Netflix, but it also received a 71 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes, which is actually quite impressive.

In addition to Britton, Manhunt: Deadly Games also stars Jack Huston (Eric Rudolph), Judith Light (Bobi Jewell), Carla Gugino (Kathy Scruggs), Gethin Anthony (Jack Brennan), Kelly Jenrette (Stacy Knox), Arliss Howard (Earl Embry), Jay O. Sanders (Jack Bryant), Nick Searcy (Sheriff Thompson), Marley Shelton (Hannah Gray), Becky Ann Baker (Patricia Rudolph) and Brad William Henke (Big John).

Since Manhunt is an anthology series, Deadly Games is considered season two. Season one—titled Unabomber—documents the FBI’s nationwide hunt for the Unabomber in the ’90s. In particular, it follows Agent Jim “Fitz” Fitzgerald (Sam Worthington), a criminal profiler who invents the use of forensic linguistics. Unfortunately, Unabomber isn’t available for streaming on Netflix (at least not yet).

Hey, we’ll take what we can get.

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