Amy Schumer Teases New Details About ‘Life & Beth’ Season 2

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What will married life look like for Beth and John? How will that dynamic change once they start a family? Does Beth manage to survive those nine months without a single sip of wine? These are just a few of the many questions we've been pondering after we saw the trailer for season two of Hulu's Life & Beth.

Fortunately, PureWow had the sincere pleasure of sitting down with Amy Schumer and Michael Cera to discuss season two, and while we didn't make it through our lengthy list of burning questions, Schumer did address the biggest challenge Beth and John will face as they embark on this exciting new chapter.

She told us, "I would say their biggest obstacles are themselves, getting in their own way. And not letting that old childhood trauma trigger you and drag you down. [It's] a challenge we all go through every day."

In case you need a quick recap of the previous season, it revolves around Beth as she grapples with the sudden death of her mother and develops an unlikely romance with an oddball farmer. In season two, however, fans will see the pair navigate new challenges as they become husband and wife.

Cera tells us that "this season is better than the first season," while Schumer calls it "a rebirth to one and all." We're already intrigued—but what else can fans expect?

According to Schumer, there will definitely be more childhood flashbacks of Beth—but that's not all. When asked if season two will also include moments from John's past, she said, "Hang on for episode four, because I think you're gonna get what the doctor ordered."

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Courtesy of Hulu

In addition to Schumer and Cera, Life & Beth stars Susannah Flood, Violet Young, Kevin Kane, Yamaneika Saunders, Laura Benanti and Michael Rapaport. You can stream all 10 episodes of season two on Hulu on February 16, so mark your calendar.

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