King Charles’s Body Language Spoke Volumes at Coronation, According to Expert

It's a big day for King Charles III. In case you missed it, the monarch was officially crowned with Queen Camilla at his coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey. And according to a body language expert, he had the pre-ceremony jitters while traveling to Buckingham Palace.

Speaking on behalf of Betfair Bingo, body language expert Darren Stanton analyzed the royal ahead of the coronation and after his arrival at Westminster Abbey. And apparently, there was a shift in the king's demeanor as the ceremony progressed. 

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Fans could see glimpses of the monarch through the car window as he made his way to the palace. And according to Stanton, "His eyebrows were together and pulled down," showing signs of "concern or slight worry."

He said, "Obviously, the coronation is the biggest day of his life, so he’s showing some apprehension and nervousness—this really denotes the fact that he is a human being just like everyone else. Yes, he is King, but he can also feel nerves and butterflies like the rest of us."

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He continued, "The key thing to note from looking at that first shot of Charles is that his expressions reveal the enormity of the situation and the overwhelming feeling he is experiencing in that moment."

Fortunately, though, the king looked more at ease after he arrived at Westminster Abbey. "As Charles reached the Abbey, we saw a confidence come over him in terms of his posture," Stanton explained.

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He added, "He’s not made any gestures with his hands at all, while that’s difficult in his robes to do so anyway, the key things we haven’t seen are those pacifying gestures, like hands tucked in his jacket or playing with his cufflinks. Instead, he is holding a strong and still posture, his facial expressions show that sat during the ceremony, he’s beginning to feel at ease and is sitting naturally, showing that he is ready for this moment, he has waited his whole life for."

The king certainly looked confident, and more than 2,200 guests bore witness to this historic moment, including members of the royal family, royals from around the world, charity representatives and celebrities. We're sure his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, would be proud.

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