Who Is Ke Huy Quan’s Wife? Here’s What We Know

If you caught this year’s Golden Globes ceremony, you might recall Ke Huy Quan’s emotional acceptance speech when he won the award for Best Supporting Actor in Everything Everywhere All At Once. After opening up about his successful return to Hollywood, the Chinese American actor tearfully thanked his wife for her unwavering support, calling her “the most important person” in his life. So, we’re curious to know: Who is Ke Huy Quan’s wife? How long have they been married? And do they have kids?

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1. Who is Ke Huy Quan’s wife?

Quan is married to Corinna Ke Quan, who also goes by “Echo.” We don’t know very much about her profession or background, but we do know that she and her husband currently live together in Woodland Hills, California.

Fun fact: Quan credits his wife for getting him back into acting. After they spent a year discussing it, he finally took her advice. He told Vanity Fair, “I was going to be 50 years old. I didn’t know what it would be like to go and audition and get rejected again and again. I didn’t know whether Hollywood wanted me again.” Fortunately, he took a chance and landed the perfect part in Everything Everywhere. He told the outlet, “I was famished for a role like this.”

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2. When did Quan and his wife get married?

It’s unclear when the happy couple exchanged vows, but they tied the knot after dating for two years. 

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3. Is she on social media?

Quan’s wife doesn’t appear to be on social media, probably because she wants to stay out of the spotlight and keep her personal life private. She has yet to appear on her husband’s Instagram feed, so we’re guessing Corinna wants to maintain a low profile.

Still, this doesn’t prevent Quan from speaking about her in interviews. While chatting with Entertainment Weekly, he noted that his wife wasn’t too happy with the damage he’d done while practicing for his biggest role. He said, "I practiced for a long time. The fanny pack is six- or seven-feet-long, and I was constantly throwing this around, wrapping it around my neck and stuff. I ended up breaking a lot of things in the house, and my wife wasn't too happy about that. Can you imagine? It was just me swinging this fanny pack wherever I go, to the living room or the bedroom or the kitchen. I was doing it for months."

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4. Do they have children?

As far as we know, the couple doesn’t have any children. And neither of them have publicly confirmed whether or not they intend to have kids. 

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