Who Is Jeremy Allen White’s Wife, Addison Timlin?

Jeremy Allen White has been taking Hollywood by storm with his unforgettable performance as Carmy in Hulu's critically acclaimed The Bear. Not to mention, he has starred in other standout shows, including Shameless and Homecoming. But one look at White's social media will tell you that his career isn't the only reason he's smiling. As it turns out, the actor is very happily married. But who is his wife and how long have they been together? Keep reading for details.

1. Who Is Jeremy Allen White’s Wife?

As it turns out, White and his wife, Addison Timlin, have quite a bit in common. Like her partner, Timlin is also an actress with dozens of credits under her belt. You might recognize her from her from American Horror Stories (where she played Delilah), Californication, Zero Hour and That Awkward Moment.

The actress has even co-starred with her husband on a few projects, including Afterschool and Chasing You, where she also served as producer.

2. How Did They Meet?

Believe it or not, the two actors first met in 2005 during their freshman year at the Professional Performing Arts High School. The pair became fast friends, but they didn't start dating until they co-starred in the 2008 film, Afterschool.

In 2013, Timlin chatted with Harper's Bazaar about their relationship, although she didn't mention White by name. She said, "I've got a sweetheart who I will not disclose, but, yes, he'd be the guy. We have a nice foundation from being friends for a long period of time, and then it took a hard right turn into romance."

3. When Did White and Timlin Get Married?

After the Shameless star popped the question in April 2019, the happy couple tied the knot in October at a courthouse in Beverly Hills. And while the ceremony was small, it included some famous faces, like their friends Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin.

To mark the occasion, Timlin posted pics of herself and White donning matching, customized jackets on IG. They read, "Til Death" and "Buddy + Billie."

Nearly four years later, their marriage is still going strong.

4. Do They Have Children?

They sure do. Before they walked down the aisle, White and Timlin welcomed their first daughter, Ezer, on October 20, 2018. On Instagram, Timlin wrote, "Ezer Billie White 10.20.2018 Welcome to the world baby girl, it just got so much brighter."

Fast-forward to December 2020, and the couple announced that they welcomed their second child. On IG, Timlin said, "Dolores Wild White—born 12/12/2020, just in time to save the year. She is the answer to 1,000 prayers and we are in love with her."

She continued, "Thank you Ezer for your patience and wisdom—you’re the best big sister ever and finally to my husband, you are everything. We did it baby."

5. Does Timlin Have Social Media?

She sure does. The American Horror Stories star has an Instagram account with over 300k followers, where she posts everything from kid content to loving posts dedicated to her hubby.

The actress also has a Twitter account, where she shares all of her hot takes and deep thoughts.

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