Is ‘Bluey’ Cancelled? No—Here’s When You Can Expect New Episodes

Well, actually they're 'minisodes' to be precise

is bluey cancelled
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Earlier this year, parents were faced with a devastating possibility: Is Bluey cancelled? Luckily, that’s not the case. In fact, Disney recently announced that Bluey is returning with a handful of “minisodes,” which are specifically designed for viewers with shorter attention spans. 

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1. Is Bluey Cancelled?

I’m sure every parent will be thrilled to hear that the answer is no—Bluey hasn’t been cancelled. The rumors started shortly after Disney released the 30-minute season three finale, titled “The Sign,” which was the show’s first-ever extended special. (FYI, it broke the record as the most-viewed Bluey and Disney Jr. episode premiere ever of all time, attracting more than ten million viewers.) Although many believed the kid-friendly series was ending, the studio recently announced that more Bluey is coming soon.

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2. When Is Bluey Returning?

This summer (beginning in July), Disney will release “Bluey Minisodes” on Disney Jr. and Disney+. The collection will consist of 20 installments that are each one to three minutes long. According to the press release, “The ‘Bluey Minisodes’ highlight funny and sweet moments featuring Bluey and Bingo, leaning into playful interactions and games that further explore the characters and world of Bluey.”

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3. What’s Next for Bluey?

Disney hasn’t shared many details about what’s next for Bluey. However, creator Joe Brumm teased the possibility of a time-jump in future episodes. “We get a lot of requests to age the characters up,” Brumm told Deadline. “It would completely change the show, but there would be something really sweet about bringing through the new younger characters and having Bluey and Bingo at that babysitting age. That would definitely make a bunch of fans very happy.”


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