Love ‘Emily in Paris’? You Need to Check Out This Quirky New Show That’s Currently Ranked #9 on Netflix

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If you’re an Emily in Paris fan patiently waiting for the season four premiere (which is set to debut on August 15, 2024, so mark your calendars), then I have the perfect feel-good Netflix show to add to your queue: Geek Girl—and it just so happens that the brand-new series is currently occupying the ninth spot of the streaming platform’s most-watched shows list

Based on the 2013 young adult novel of the same name written by Holly Smale, Geek Girl follows a socially awkward teen named Harriet, who dreams of fitting in with the “cool kids.” But her life completely changes when she is scouted by a top London modeling agent and embarks on a life-changing journey that helps her find love, friendship and a killer wardrobe.

From its quirky humor to the bold fashion choices, Geek Girl is a show that every Emily in Paris fan should have on their to-watch list. Similar to how Emily Cooper (played by Lily Collins) is best known for her funny (and sometimes cringy) sense of humor, Harriet Manners certainly has her moments. (Don’t even get me started on the hat scene.) But what makes Emily and Harriet so alike is that they’re both young women trying to find themselves. Sure, Harriet is not an American girl who travels halfway across the world for a new job opportunity in Paris, but she is a young woman who is also trying to find her place in the world and decide where her future lies—just like Emily.

The first season stars Emily Carey as Harriet Manners, Liam Woodrum as Nick Park, Daisy Jelley as Poppy Hepple-Cartwright, Emmanual Imani as Wilbur Evans and Sarah Parish as Jude Paignton. 

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While speaking to RadioTimes, Carey (who you might recognize from HBO’s House of the Dragon) shared how much playing Harriet has meant to her. “I was a huge fan [of the series] growing up, and so [the] book Harriet is very close to my screen Harriet. And Holly had such a hand in adapting the book for [the] screen, there's so much of her essence and flavor in it that it didn't feel too far removed, at least character-wise,” she told the outlet.

As a massive Emily in Paris fan myself, this show is a heartfelt watch that’s right up my alley. All ten episodes of Geek Girl are streaming right now on Netflix.

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