New 'Emily in Paris' Season 4 Set Pics Just Dropped and Fans Are Seriously Divided

Are you Team Gabriel or Team Alfie?

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It’s been almost two years since Emily in Paris fans were left with a doozy of a cliffhanger as the seasons long question remains: Who will Emily end up with?

While we still have some time until new episodes drop (Part 1 will arrive on August 15), the people over at Netflix did the favor of blessing us with a first-look at the cast of Emily in Paris season 4 and it has left the internet divided between Team Alfie or Team Gabriel.

New stills shared on the official Instagram page show all the usual players without giving away who Emily will end up with, but fans made their stance clear in the comments section.

Team Alfie stans left comments like, “JUSTICE FOR ALFIE,” “I hope Alfie won't get hurt ✨️again✨️ in the upcoming season,” and “Can we talk about how Alfie is way better than Gabriel.”

Meanwhile Team Gabriel fans were rooting for the complicated duo. “Hopefully Emily and Gabriel get back together 😍,” one fan commented. Another wrote, “Emily and Gabriel should be endgame.” A third noted how the pair looked in the new photo commenting, “Emily and Gabriel and Emily look so cute and happy!”

*Spoilers ahead*

As a reminder, the finale of Emily in Paris Season 3 left us all on the edge of our chic little café chairs. Emily discovered that her flirtatious French chef neighbor, Gabriel, is going to be a papa! And here's the kicker—it's with Camille, his rollercoaster girlfriend and, oh yeah, one of Emily's pals.

Also, let’s not forget that Camille—who called off the wedding to Gabriel citing his undeniable chemistry with Emily—had been having an affair with Sofia. And, Alfie breaking up with Emily after all of the revelations that were made at said wedding. Drama, drama, drama!

So what can fans expect for season 4?

Creator Darren Star tells Tudum, “Emily finds herself with a busy travel schedule in Season 4 of Emily in Paris. From the French Alps to the piazzas of Rome, viewers will vicariously experience amazing new locations through Emily’s eyes. Expect new characters, a lot more drama, romance, and a whole new language to try and master.”

Emily in Paris Season 4 will air in two parts, which will be released on August 15 and September 12. And we can’t wait!

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