‘Firefly Lane’ Star Sarah Chalke Explains Why the Classic ‘80s Hairstyle Was Her ‘Favorite’ Part of the Show 

If you were to ask us to choose our favorite moment from the final season of Firefly Lane, it would be impossible (please, don’t do it). But for actress Sarah Chalke (aka Kate Mularkey), there’s one particular element that stood out from all the rest.

Earlier this month, the actress sat down for an exclusive interview with Deadline and talked about her love for the ‘80s fashion and hairstyles in the show. Big fans of the series (and the book) already know that a portion of the Firefly Lane story takes place in the 1980s. And this gave us a look back at the stylish (and the oh-god-no) fashion trends from that time.

Kate and Tully Hair Firefly Lane CAT

When asked about the ‘80s-style hair, Chalke gushed and said it was one of her “favorite things” about the show. 

“I was such a fan of the ‘80s, I had ‘80s parties, I had a drawer of  ‘80s clothes and wigs and leg warmers and earrings,” she added. “There is a dresser drawer in my house that is mostly ‘80s that the kids would wear. This is pre-Firefly Lane, I even brought some of my own pieces into the wardrobe fitting. So I loved it.”

She continued, “I feel like by putting on different hairstyles and the clothes, it helps you get there, and some of those feeling—so young and carefree—and it was a really fun part about it. We had a great time in the wardrobe, it was one of my favorite parts, I loved it.”

Katherine Heigl (aka Tully) in 'Firefly Lane' season two.

And of course, she just had to comment on Ben Lawson’s character (Johnny Ryan) and his iconic ‘80s hairdo. “I feel like that’s what Kate [her character in the series] would’ve loved: long, and still sexy. It was certainly the look at that time,” Chalke said.

Can we vote to leave the mullet in the ‘80s…?

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