Everyone Is Talking About Netflix’s New Erotic Thriller (& It’s #4 on the Top 10 List)

This popular new Netflix show is like a cross between Obsession and Sex/Life.

Introducing Fake Profile, a Colombian series that’s gaining popularity ever since it hit Netflix on May 31. In fact, it’s already claimed the number four spot on the streaming service’s list of most-watched shows. (It’s currently ranked behind Manifest, FUBAR and All American but ahead of S.W.A.T., The Ultimatum: Queer Love and La Reina de Sur.)

fake profile netflix
Renata Bolívar/Netflix

The show follows a Las Vegas cabaret dancer named Camila (Carolina Miranda), who joins a dating app called Spice. It doesn’t take long for her to “match” with a handsome surgeon, Fernando (Rodolfo Salas), who fits all her criteria.

The only problem? He resides in Colombia, so the first four months of their relationship consists solely of virtual meetups. That is, until Camila decides to surprise Fernando by flying to visit him. You can watch Fake Profile to see what happens next, but please remember: It gets messy.

It’s important to note that Fake Profile is rated TV-MA (for mature audiences only). The series is filled with erotic scenes and intimate dialogue, so be sure the kiddos are fast asleep before binge-watching all ten episodes.

Other cast members include Juanse Díez (Lucas), Manuela González (Ángela), Víctor Mallarino (Pedro), Mauricio Hénao (Adrián), Lincoln Palomeque (David), Felipe Londoño (Cristóbal), Juliana Galvis (Tina) and Nicole Santamaria (Milenka).

Let the streaming marathon commence.

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