This Extremely Revealing Queen Elizabeth Doc Just Landed on Netflix's Top 10 Movies List

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Calling all royal fans: Netflix now features a documentary centered around Queen Elizabeth and, not surprisingly, it’s already made its way into the most-watched movies section of the streaming platform. 

Titled Elizabeth & Margaret Love and Loyalty, the film does a deep dive into the complex, widely misunderstood relationship between Queen Elizabeth II and her younger sister, Princess Margaret. The documentary dropped on the streaming platform on March 26, and has since landed the number six spot on the most popular movies list (it’s currently ranked behind Tiffany Haddish’s Bad Trip, Seaspiracy and Yes Day).

Originally broadcast on Channel 5 in the United Kingdom, the investigative film aired in two parts, the first on September 26, 2020 and the second on October 3, 2020. It features footage of Her Majesty and Margaret as well as interviews from royal historians and biographers such as Christopher Warwick, Kate Williams and Hugo Vickers. 

If you’re unfamiliar (or simply haven’t binged all seasons of The Crown), Princess Margaret Rose Windsor was the younger sister and only sibling of Her Majesty. The two girls shared parents George VI and Queen Elizabeth—aka the Queen Mother. Just five years apart, the sisters had a pretty close relationship throughout their adolescent and adult years. Margaret (who was known for her rebellious nature and infamous style) was often referred to as a “wild child” compared to her big sis. 

A documentary about the British royal family? Consider us sold. 

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