See the Complete Dutton Family Tree, from ‘1883’ to ‘Yellowstone’

Meet the Duttons

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dutton family tree
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*Warning: Season 5 spoilers ahead*

It’s been over a year since we last caught up with the Dutton family. And while we’ve spent hours combing through fan theories and binge-watching similar shows to fill the void, we’ll admit, it’s just not the same as watching Montana’s most famous clan.

The first part of season five ends with the Duttons right on the brink of a family civil war, with Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Jamie’s (Wes Bentley) bitter feud and the potential impeachment of John Dutton. Meanwhile, a deadly livestock illness spreads across the state and threatens their cattle. So, where will they go from here? 

Piper Perabo, who plays Summer Higgins (John’s love interest), said at Deadline's Contenders Television panel, "I can't imagine what's gonna happen next. That's what's sort of terrifying."

Fortunately, we'll get some answers when new episodes of the Paramount Network series premiere in November 2024. But for now, we're taking a step back to revisit the full Dutton family tree, from 1883 to Yellowstone. Keep scrolling for a detailed breakdown.

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dutton family tree james dutton

1. James Dutton

  • Series: 1883
  • Played by: Tim McGraw

Meet the first patriarch of the Dutton family. James was a Civil War soldier who served during the Battle of Antietam. In search of a better life, James left Fort Worth, Texas, and led his family out west. Sadly, during the journey, he lost his daughter Elsa. To honor her memory, the family decided to settle on the land where she died in Montana, which used to belong to Indigenous people. This would one day grow to become the successful Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

dutton family tree margaret dutton

2. Margaret Dutton

  • Series: 1883
  • Played by: Faith Hill

Margaret was the wife of James, and mother to Elsa, John and Spencer, making her the first Dutton family matriarch in 1883. She traveled alongside her family as they traveled west, but she agreed to settle in Montana after the heartbreaking loss of her daughter, Elsa. Soon after her husband was killed by horse thieves, Margaret died of hypothermia during a cold Montana winter.

duttin family tree elsa dutton

3. Elsa Dutton

  • Series: 1883
  • Played by: Isabel May

Elsa was the eldest child of James and Margaret Dutton. The free-spirited horseback rider joined her family to travel out west and became involved with Sam, a Comanche warrior, after he saved her life. Although they got married and planned to have a future together, Elsa was shot and killed with a poisoned arrow as a result of a huge misunderstanding. Following her passing, the rest of the Duttons chose to settle and build their ranch on the spot where she died.

duttin family tree sam

4. Sam

  • Series: 1883
  • Played by: Martin Sensmeier

Sam—who avenged his first wife's death by taking her killer's first name—first crossed paths with Duttons as they were traveling west. The Comanche warrior fell in love with Elsa Dutton, and the pair got married. However, because of Sam's loyalty to his homeland, he couldn't travel with Elsa and her family. She ultimately agreed to return to him after her family found a new home, but she was later killed.

dutton family tree john dutton sr

5. John Dutton I

  • Series: 1883, 1923
  • Played by: James Badge Dale

John Dutton I was the eldest son of James and Margaret, although he was just a little boy when he was introduced in 1883. In 1923, however, he worked with his uncle, Jacob Dutton, as the lead ranch manager and started a family with his wife, Emma. Together, they had a son named Jack, but Jacob was eventually killed in an ambush led by the Dutton family's enemies.

dutton family tree emma dutton

6. Emma Dutton

  • Series: 1923
  • Played by: Marley Shelton

Emma Dutton was the wife of John Dutton I. She had a son named Jack Dutton and another child who died soon after birth. Following her husband's murder, Emma took her own life.

family tree jack dutton

7. Jack Dutton

  • Series: 1923
  • Played by: Darren Mann

Jack was John and Emma Dutton's only son. He worked with his great-uncle, Jacob Dutton, on the Yellowstone ranch and eventually tied the knot with Elizabeth, the daughter of a local rancher.

dutton family tree elizabeth

8. Elizabeth Dutton

  • Series: 1923
  • Played by: Michelle Randolph

Elizabeth Dutton (formerly Stratford) was Jack's wife. Similar to Jack, she lost her father in the bloody shootout between the Duttons and Banner Creigton's gang. After she married Jack, she moved to the Dutton ranch and became pregnant, but she unfortunately lost the baby.

dutton family tree spencer dutton

9. Spencer Dutton

  • Series: 1923
  • Played by: Brandon Sklenar

Spencer was the second son of James and Margaret Dutton. Following in his dad's footsteps, he served in World War I, but instead of returning to the Montana ranch after the war, he chose to become a game hunter in Africa. While there, he met his wife, Alexandra, and the two eventually headed back to America to save the Dutton family ranch.

dutton family tree alexandra

10. Alexandra Dutton

  • Series: 1923
  • Played by: Julia Schlaepfer

Alexandra Dutton was Spencer's wife. By the time she met him in Africa, the English aristocrat was already engaged to the son of the Earl of Sussex. However, she chose to leave her fiancé and ran off with Spencer, marrying him on a ship.

dutton family tree claire dutton

11. Claire Dutton

  • Series: 1883
  • Played by: Dawn Olivieri

Claire Dutton was the sister of James Dutton. Stern and deeply religious, she became a widow after her husband, Henry, passed away before the events of 1883. Claire lost six of her children when they were young, except for her daughter, Mary Abel. But when Mary died on the family's journey out west, Claire committed suicide.

dutton family tree mary abel

12. Mary Abel

  • Series: 1883
  • Played by: Emma Malouff

Mary Abel was Claire and Henry's only surviving daughter, and similar to her mother, she was extremely religious. Soon after the Dutton family left Fort Worth, Texas, they got attacked by a local gang, which resulted in Mary getting shot and killed.

dutton family tree jacob dutton

13. Jacob Dutton

  • Series: 1923
  • Played by: Harrison Ford

Jacob was the brother of James Dutton (and, for those who are curious, the great-great-grand-uncle of John Dutton III). He took over as the family patriarch and led Yellowstone Ranch after his brother died. Plus, he served as commissioner of the Livestock Association. 

dutton family tree cara dutton

14. Cara Dutton

  • Series: 1923
  • Played by: Helen Mirren

Cara was the wife of Jacob Dutton, and she became the new matriarch of the Dutton family in the early 1900s. The Ireland-native raised John I and Spencer and kept the home in order. She also wrote letters to Spencer during his stay in Africa, trying to convince him to return to Montana.

dutton family tree john dutton jr
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15. John Dutton II

  • Series: Yellowstone
  • Played by: Dabney Coleman

It's unclear who John II's parents were, but he's a descendant of James and Margaret Dutton. John II is the father of John Dutton III, as well as the grandfather of Lee, Jamie, Beth and Kayce. He previously owned the Yellowstone Ranch before passing the torch to his son. Following his retirement, he died of cancer.

dutton family tree john dutton
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16. John Dutton III

  • Series: Yellowstone
  • Played by: Kevin Costner

John Dutton III is the son of John Dutton II and owner of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, better known as the largest and most successful ranch in the country. He is also the governor of Montana (although it's likely he won't hold that title for much longer.) The powerful patriarch has four children with his late wife, Evelyn: Lee (now deceased), Jamie, Beth and Kayce.

dutton family tree evelyn
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17. Evelyn Dutton

  • Series: Yellowstone
  • Played by: Gretchen Mol

Evelyn was the wife of John Dutton III and the mother of their four children. The matriarch died in a horseback riding accident that was witnessed by both Kayce and Beth when they were young children.

yellowstone lee dutton
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18. Lee Dutton

  • Series: Yellowstone
  • Played by: Dave Annable

Lee Dutton was the eldest child of John III and Evelyn. And as the firstborn, he was prepared to inherit Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. However, he was killed by Kayce's brother-in-law, Robert Long, while trying to retrieve stolen cattle. This would further complicate things for John III as he determines which sibling will inherit the ranch.

yellowstone jamie dutton
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19. Jamie Dutton

  • Series: Yellowstone
  • Played by: Wes Bentley

Jamie is the adopted son of John III and Evelyn. The lawyer, who is almost always at odds with the Duttons, was completely unaware that they're not his biological family until he became an adult. He learned that he was taken in as an infant when his own father went to prison for murdering his mother.

yellowstone christina
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20. Christina

  • Series: Yellowstone
  • Played by: Katherine Cunningham

Christina started out as Jamie's assistant and became his love interest. The pair started dating, but the relationship went south after Christina made him choose between her and his family. She later gave birth to their son, Jamie Dutton II, then joined forces with Jamie’s biological father, Garrett, to talk Jamie into turning against the Duttons.

yellowtone beth dutton
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21. Beth Dutton

  • Series: Yellowstone
  • Played by: Kelly Reilly

Beth Dutton is the only daughter of John Dutton, and she works in banking. After establishing a successful career in Salt Lake City, she returned to the family ranch to support her father and married Rip Wheeler, following their on-again, off-again romance. Meanwhile, a bitter rivalry develops between her and Jamie.

yellowstone rip wheeler
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22. Rip Wheeler

  • Series: Yellowstone
  • Played by: Cole Hauser

Rip Wheeler is the husband of Beth Dutton. He also works as the Dutton family’s fixer and bruiser. He was taken in by John Dutton III when he was just a teenager, after he murdered a man who killed his family. Since then, he's been fiercely loyal to the patriarch.

yellowstone kayce dutton 1
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23. Kayce Dutton

  • Series: Yellowstone
  • Played by: Luke Grimes

Kayce Dutton is the youngest of all the Dutton siblings and a former US Navy SEAL. He's a ranch hand and horseman who's married to Monica Long. His decision to stay on the Broken Rock Indian Reservation with his wife and son, Tate, put a strain on his relationship with his father, but he eventually decided to move back to the family's ranch.

yellowstone monica dutton
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24. Monica Dutton

  • Series: Yellowstone
  • Played by: Kelsey Asbille

Monica is Kayce Dutton’s wife. Born and raised on the Broken Rock Reservation, she's the granddaughter of Indian elder Felix Long, and she works as a teacher. She shares a son, Tate, with Kayce, but she lost her second (unborn) child while heading to the hospital to give birth.

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