All the Details on the Dutch Royal Family, Including the Line of Succession & Queen Máxima

We’ve learned all there is to know about the British monarchy. But as much as we adore Prince William, Princess Catherine and the rest of the royal gang, they aren’t the only royals who are making headlines. 

In February 2023, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands took a two-week tour of the Caribbean with their daughter, Catharina-Amalia, to visit Aruba, Curaçao and St Maarten. Now that the trip has concluded, we want to know more about the Dutch royal family.

From the line of succession to Queen Máxima's advocacy efforts, keep reading for details on the monarchy of the Netherlands.

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1. Who Currently Represents the Dutch Monarchy?

King Willem-Alexander and his wife, Queen Máxima, are the current heads of the Dutch royal family.

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2. Who Is Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands?

Willem-Alexander is King of the Netherlands. He ascended to the throne in 2013 after his mother, Princess Beatrix, abdicated the throne.

At just 18 years old, Willem-Alexander became a member of the Council of State of the Netherlands—the highest council of the Dutch government. He also served in the Royal Netherlands Navy from 1985 to 1987. After this, the royal studied history at Leiden University. The king is now fluent in five languages: English, Spanish, French, German and his native language, Dutch.

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3. Who Is Queen Máxima of the Netherlands?

Willem-Alexander’s wife is the queen consort of the Netherlands, but she had a successful career before she met the king. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the royal graduated with a degree in economics from the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina. She went on to work for companies like HSBC James Capel Inc., Dresdner Kleinwort Bensonand and Deutsche Bank. Additionally, she taught English to both children and adults.

Now, she's an advocate for several causes that deal with immigration, financial education and LGBTQ+ rights. And according to her official bio, she’s a member of the Council of State, and she also holds several other positions in the Netherlands and abroad.

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4. How Many Children Do the King and Queen Have?

After tying the knot in February 2002, the royal couple welcomed three daughters: Catharina-Amalia, Princess of Orange (19), Princess Alexia (17), and Princess Ariane (15).

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5. Who Is Next in Line for the Throne?

The couple’s eldest daughter, Catharina-Amalia, Princess of Orange, became the heir apparent when her father ascended the throne in 2013. Per her official bio, she’s currently focusing on her university studies in addition to serving on the Council of State and its Advisory Division. 

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