All the Details on Demi Moore's Dating History

Including details on her past marriages

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demi moore spouse dating history
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If there's one thing I appreciate about Demi Moore, it's that she always brings her A-game when it comes to her fashion looks. From her stunning tribute to Truman Capote’s Black and White Ball to her sheer Dolce & Gabbana ensemble, she never disappoints. However, her sartorial style isn't the only thing that's gotten my attention. After seeing her fictional romances in titles like Blind and Please Baby Please, I'm curious to learn about her real-life dating status—and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

The Songbird star, 61, got candid about her star-studded dating history in her 2019 memoir, Inside Out, where she shared details about her previous marriage to former spouse Bruce Willis. Plus, most recently, the star was romantically linked to Swiss chef Daniel Humm. So, I can't help but wonder, is Demi Moore currently in a relationship?

The actress hasn't publicly confirmed that she's dating anyone, so it's believed that she's now single. However, Moore remains close with her ex-husband, Willis. Regarding their dynamic after the split, she wrote in her memoir, "I experienced the most conventional family dynamic I'd ever known in those years. That Bruce was no longer my husband was irrelevant because he was the active father of my children; we felt more connected than we did before the divorce."

Keep reading for Moore's full relationship timeline.

demi moore spouse freddy moore
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1. Freddy Moore

Fun fact: The actress (born Demi Gene Guynes) got her surname from musician Freddy Moore, whom she married in 1980. He's best known for his song, "It's Not a Rumour," which he co-wrote with his ex-wife, Demi. Their marriage lasted for four years, until Demi filed for divorce in 1984. The couple officially parted ways in 1985.

Per People, the Wild Oats star revealed in her memoir that she was just 18 when they tied the knot. She also confessed that she tried to sabotage her marriage. She wrote, “The night before we got married, instead of working on my vows, I was calling a guy I’d met on a movie set. I snuck out of my own bachelorette party and went to his apartment.”

She continued, “Why did I do that? Why didn’t I go and see the man I was committing to spend the rest of my life with to express my doubts? Because I couldn’t face the fact that I was getting married to distract myself from grieving the death of my father. Because I felt there was no room to question what I’d already put in motion. I couldn’t get out of the marriage, but I could sabotage it.”

demi moore jon cryer
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2. Jon Cryer 

In Inside Out, Moore revealed that she briefly dated the Two and a Half Men star while they worked together on the 1984 film, No Small Affair. She also claimed that the actor lost his virginity to her.

Per USA Today, she wrote, "It pains me to think of how callous I was with his feelings—that I stole what could have been such an important and beautiful moment from him. I was sort of losing it right then, and I was definitely not in a place to take care of someone else's feelings."

However, Cryer responded on Twitter and clarified that Moore wasn't his first. He said, "Well, the good thing about this is she doesn’t have to feel bad about it anymore, because while I’m sure she was totally justified making that assumption based on my my skill level (and the stunned look on my face at the time), I had actually lost my virginity in high school. But she’s right [about] the other part, I was over the moon for her during a very troubled time in her life. I have nothing but affection for her and not a regret in the world."

demi moore emilio estevez
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3. Emilio Estevez

Moore started dating Estevez in 1984, after they collaborated on the film St. Elmo's Fire. Per Showbiz Cheatsheet, she wrote in her memoir, “We were together for six months, and then we got engaged, and I moved in with him in his condo in Malibu. He was very sweet, very attentive, and looking back, I think a major factor in how quickly we moved was that I was craving a family, and he had a close relationship with his.”

After two years of dating on and off, the pair got engaged and even planned their ceremony. Unfortunately, they never made it down the aisle.

She explained, “Emilio and I had, in fact, just mailed out the invitations for our wedding when a friend told me she had seen him out with someone else in LA. He denied it, of course, but I was having a hard time trusting him: During a two-week break up a few months before, he’d slept with an 'ex' girlfriend, lied about it, and then been forced to tell me the truth when he found out she was pregnant.” 

demi moore spouse bruce willis
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4. Bruce Willis 

Moore and Willis met at a screening of the 1987 film, Stakeout, which starred Moore's ex-fiancé, Estevez. In Inside Out, Moore described him as "cocky, dark and handsome" at the time. In fact, he was so smitten by Moore that he tried to impress her with his bartending moves.

According to ET Online, she wrote, "I'd never encountered treatment like this before. Bruce was so gallant—in his own boisterous way, a real gentleman. When I said it was time for me to go home, he offered to walk me to my car. He was so eager about it—like a little boy who didn't want to miss the ice cream truck. When he asked for my number, I felt a wave of schoolgirl flutters. 'Do you have a pen?' He checked his pockets and came up empty. 'Don't leave!' he said, and went skittering off to get one. Then he wrote it on his arm."

Just four months later, Moore and Willis became husband and wife, and together they welcomed three daughters: Rumer (35), Scout (32) and Tallulah (30). Sadly, the couple split in June 1998 and finalized their divorce in October 2000, but they're still on good terms.

demi moore oliver whitcomb
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5. Oliver Whitcomb 

Following her second marriage, Moore dated martial arts instructor and Aspen native, Oliver Whitcomb, for almost three years. The pair were famously spotted in October 2001 at Laura Day's book launch event in New York (pictured above). And the couple looked so happy that there were rumors of an upcoming wedding—but the two were never engaged.

demi moore ashton kutcher
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6. Ashton Kutcher 

The Corporate Animals actress struck up a romance with fellow actor Ashton Kutcher in 2003, after they met through mutual friends. Two years later, they tied the knot, but according to Moore's memoir, per Entertainment Weekly, Kutcher became "less and less present," and she "went into contortions to try to fit the mold of the woman he wanted his wife to be."

The couple separated in 2011 and finalized their divorce in 2013. Following the separation, Demi released a statement through her rep and said, "It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I have decided to end my six-year marriage to Ashton. As a woman, a mother and a wife, there are certain values and vows that I hold sacred, and it is in this spirit that I have chosen to move forward with my life. This is a trying time for me and my family, and so I would ask for the same compassion and privacy that you would give to anyone going through a similar situation."

Kutcher also tweeted at the time, "I will forever cherish the time I spent with Demi. Marriage is one of the most difficult things in the world and unfortunately sometimes they fail."

demi moore martin henderson

7. Martin Henderson 

Believe it or not, Moore was romantically linked to the Virgin River star in 2012, when they were seen hiking together and having dinner in New Preston, Connecticut. However, their secret relationship was likely just a rumor because, according to E! News, a source confirmed that they were just good friends. (As for their romantic hike, it turns out they were actually on a group trip with mutual friends.)

demi moore harry morton

8. Harry Morton

The restauranteur and Pink Taco founder briefly dated Moore in 2013, after they met through mutual friends. They made their relationship public after going on a date at South Beverly Grill in California, but they reportedly wanted to keep the romance low-key in the beginning.

An insider told E! Online, "They have been trying to keep it a secret. It's not a serious thing...but it may develop into something. They have a lot of fun together and have been meeting in secret places in New York and Los Angeles." 

However, the couple parted ways after dating for six months. A source told E! News, “After dating for six months or so, they both realized that while they had become very good friends through the dating process, this wasn’t going to turn into a long-term romance.”

9. Sean Friday

Moore rang in 2014 with her new partner and Dead Sara drummer, Sean Friday. The pair were spotted on a tropical holiday in Tulum, Mexico, where they showed major PDA on the beach.

The pair dated for about a year and made multiple public appearances—including their coffee run in December. And according to ABC News, Moore supported Friday by attending one of his shows with her daughter, Rumer. However, the couple ultimately broke up in January 2015. (The reason for their split is unclear.)

demi moore daniel humm
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10. Daniel Humm

Moore and the Swiss chef made their relationship public in March 2022, when Moore shared PDA pics with her new partner at the 2022 French Open finals on Instagram. (The post, which has since been deleted, featured snaps of them holding hands and kissing.)

At the time, Moore also shared photos of herself enjoying the game with her puppy, Pilaf, and one of them featured a selfie with a smiling Humm. She captioned the post, "Next in the adventures of Pilaf (aka Little Mouse): cheering on @rafaelnadal at the 2022 French Open finals. She didn’t want to miss him breaking his own record with his 14th French Open title!"

Moore and Humm were seen at multiple outings, including Paris Fashion Week. However, they broke up in November 2022. A source told People, "She's in a good place. She's happy and enjoying her children and her friends."

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